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January 31 [Tue], 2012, 16:35

Improvement the steam cleaner

Steam vapor cleaner as being a cleaning tool, with no chemicals, only a click bit of water totally by sterilization, saving water and electricity, is known as a healthy, environment-safe products in the home. Steam vapor cleaner made for wooden flooring, laminate flooring, Circuit breaker porcelain tile, marble, glass, foam pad. Not the same as the mop steam vapor cleaner to clean the actual directly, but to operate fine particles of steam to completely clean, basically clean, high efficiency, plus the steam evaporate quickly, little playing the equivalent mop water damage and mold as a consequence of ground level deformation, corrosion along with other phenomena ; and that can neat and disinfection tile and floor cracks, gaps to tiles mildew discoloration etcetera.

Diaphragm pressure tank gas-water separation , this particular within rubber (plastic) bag inside, outside and gap one of the tank pre-filled with inert gas, generally nitrogen. pc power supply This pressure are not able to aerosols and water loss problem, once inflated, long-term use, commonly do not set air compressor. Therefore, the saving investment, simplify the machine, expanding the scope valuable.

Shunt DC Vibrator Motors field winding and rotor windings in parallel, the magnetizing current is constant, while using the armature current is proportional toward the starting torque, Mini Circuit Breaker starting current is related to 2.Five times the rated current. From the current speed and torque is increased and decreased slightly, short-term overload torque is 1.More the rated torque. Smaller rate of change of speed for 5% to 15%. Constant magnetic field can weaken the facility to hurry.

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