clear in front of the Galaxy bar sounded

May 13 [Mon], 2013, 17:42
> Wang ignorant. Www! Many dumbfounded, including Ma Rongtao, including, the heart of all head beneath the same idea ... this is not true! "How is this possible?" Wang head is full of only left a voice he did not believe, even if the facts have been placed in front, he is not willing to believe this is true. He's now 60-year-old martial arts from the age of six until now, been a whole one cycle! Yes, he is re-Gang polar environment, Ma Yun-hui is the second re-Gang polar environment, but Ma Yun-hui was sixteen years old, ah! "No wonder ,Coach Outlet Handbags Online...... no wonder Yun-hui against all the odds, just let me led over ambush." ​​Ma Rongtao foolishly looked at Wang Ma Yun-hui step by step toward the mouth of some fuchsia whisper: "It turned out that he ... ... he has is the Gang extremely throughout evolution! "facial flushing, one's own camp suddenly appeared and Wang contend evolution, before all the pressure in an instant disappeared without a trace. "Poof ~!" In the hands of machete chop directly in front of the same silly stunned Cheng Kar practitioners chest, Ma Rongtao the call for him has been the loudest voice in this life: "kill, kill wild dogs Cheng Kar ! "kill ~!" Ma Rongtao soon Bao awakened, emotionally horse family put down the hearts of all concerns, started to take it all away, threw himself into the fighting. At the same time, exposing their true strength Ma Yun-hui, has also been in a few flashing appear in front of Wang, full of destructive Gang Qi covering his fist surface, only raising his hand on the occasion, Gang gas driven air flow, has also been a sharp burst of extremely harsh sound. Until then, Wang Ma Yun-hui sudden exposure of the strength of the shock, finally wake up, Block hastily raising his hand, looked very flustered. "Bang ~!" Full of Gang Qi punch ado H Wang in the left arm above the two shares Gang Qi air shocks collide quoted, almost an instant lift to fly beside a few one being you come to me the real environment practitioners, Wei evolution punch,Air Jordan 1 Outlet, would have been if the terrorist Sri Lanka! The unsuspecting Mr. Wang, Ma Yun-hui punch played back again and again, arm position to be attacked planted Gang Qi barrier, but still Ma Yun-hui fist played extremely raw so, like their bones collapse, officials broken in general, so that Wang could not help but face changes. "The strength of this kid how so?!" Wang barely stand some do not understand, body Mingmingmayun Fai revealed breath that he is the Gang heavy strength of the polar environment, why just that punch, however, he felt the only face when there will be a feeling of pressure than their high-end evolution? Wang's heart, has begun to chaos. "Call -" do not give the Wang the slightest breathing time, six years of experience of life and death Ma Yun-hui is very clear, no nonsense, life-and-death battle which is a near-suicide stupid move! So, he did not speak, did not give Wang respite, one small Gangqi to a very high speed through a neck which meridians, plunged headlong into Ma Yun-hui's brain. Stimulated by Gang Qi eyes, began to faint flashes of a plume of white flickering light. Wang then depressed, close to his frenzied attack Ma Yun-hui, like a sophisticated fighter to the limit, raising his hand to block or attempt to withdraw jumped off the battle circle, or active attacks, if someone in advance told his moves Ma Yun-hui, MA Yun-hui always stuck at the crucial moment, punch or kick hit his only way, then, Wang's attack on Ma Yun-hui easy to resolve. This is not, if only adopted piecemeal measures,Air Jordan 9 Sale, then, Wang is still not depressed want to vomit blood, the most important ...... Ma Yun-hui's attack is very sharp, very fast Ma Yun-hui, Ma Yun-fai ... "Bang ~! left knee to the middle of a collision, directly fend off Wang tried to lift the right leg, taking advantage of the occasion of his center of gravity, Ma Yun-hui slip like a loach, the body of a king put down leaning back macro chest, then raised his arms, catching Wang's arm, followed by a pull down fiercely hit the shoulders ...... "click!" the extremely crisp fractures sound clear in front of the Galaxy bar sounded. "Ah -" Wang Ma Yun-hui to seize the opportunity of a broken right arm snapped screams, otherwise rosy face is also an instant become whitewashed whitewashed, heavy reality environment Wang Hong, Ma Yun-hui's fierce offensive under no slightest strength to fight back! "Wait!" Right arm had been broken Ma Yun-hui, right leg before the crash which almost lost consciousness, screams loudly, Wang stiffness of the teeth down, almost scratching and scrambling back several meters, Meng raised his left hand and miserable smiles: "You win, I'm not your opponent!" Wang began to throw in the towel. Unfortunately, Ma Yun-hui simply indifferent to throw in the towel on his move ...... just Wang Cheng Kar Ke Qing, only nominally Cheng Kar outsiders, not the family tribe Cheng Kar. However, Wang and Cheng Kar signed an agreement would be tantamount to almost half of the Zheng family, not to mention, he was still to come forward today, just this one, not Ma Yun-hui can accept! So, he ignores Wang throw in the towel, just a faint smile at him and said: "You should have mentally prepared." "What?" Wang heard surprised a moment his face wearing a wan smile, but is inadvertently Ma Yun-hui's eyes that no the slightest let go of what he meant, but ... also reveal the slightest intention to kill appalled! , Wang is really panic, he panicked towards Ma Yun-hui, shouted: "You can not kill me, I is evolution! Protected by law evolution!" Hear Wang's propaganda, Ma Yun-hui know he has been forced themselves in confusion, is that evolution is protected by law, but you have protection, do I not protect you? Eyes slightly narrowed, Ma Yun Fai whispered: "The law? Oh ... I'm sorry, I do not know it." You ...... you can not do this! ... Do not come, do not come ... asshole, I - ah! !!! "half sitting on the ground Wang Ma Yun-hui directly kicked the air, and before his whereabouts, the golden Cangdao Ma Yun-hui at her waist, will have instant scabbard, golden flash head ...... landing ! "Hurry up, clean up, my treat tonight Galaxy Bar!" The bloody Wanshoulu sounded Ma Yun-hui with a chuckle propaganda sound. Ma Yun-hui was directing his tribe to clean up the site, but do not know a battle of the Galaxy front of the bar, have fallen into the eyes of several off everyone's reaction is completely different. However, Ma Yun-hui even know, it is estimated that only chuckled and then ignored, he decided that the exposure of their true strength go, he has already done to meet the trouble to prepare. Ah, psychological preparation. ---- Ps: After reading must remember to cast recommend votes the way covered up o (n_n) o - Thank you to book a reward yesterday (heartbroken Qionglou) shoes ...... ---- <
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