im a lot sadder than what people think i am 

December 09 [Thu], 2010, 8:18
im a lot sadder than what people think I am.
my life is between average to "omg my life suckss"
i have self esteem issues
my grades is average and i lack in creativity, how am i suppose to get into an art uni???
i have stupid fights with my parents every week.
my life is not interesting or fun whatsoever and i hate it.
im not sure if i believe in God anymore, im confused about my religion. which do i belong to?? i dont know.
and im writing my personal life in here. and im hoping no one is reading this. or else
im paranoid now that im at it.
and last of all, i did something really stupid yesterday and it might go on my record and this bothers me so much...especailly when im applying for uni soon.
i hate my life. hate hate hate it.
if god exist, give me a sign tomorrow, tell me it'll be alright. tell me its not going on my records. tell me from this day on my life would be better..just tell me something........
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