little boys 

2006年02月28日(火) 21時17分
today i worked at a part-time, you know i'm working at the cake shop,
and two little boys and their mother came to buy cakes.
i like children so much so i smiled to them, and they also smiled to me
when they went out i waved my hand to them
then they said to me,"thank you very much!!!"
....i decided i would bring up like them if i would get my children in the future


2006年02月23日(木) 19時32分
time no see...haha, sorry
i'm so lazy.........cuz it takes a long time when i write something in english
so i don wanna write,,,but i have to.

last week my friend went abroad for studying english.
she will stay at perth,australia.about 10 months.
and i got an email from her yesterday
i heard there is too hot and everybody around her can speak english fluently.
she've lost her confidence but i believe she would be able to stand up by herself
i hope she can enjoy everyday and makes her skills better.

sore throat 

2006年01月17日(火) 20時40分
oh my god. i found i had a sore throat when i got up this morning...
but i was busy today cuz of part-time job n the driving school,same as yesterday
i had to talk while i was working,like "may i help you" or something.
my senior in our cake shop worried about me, and she lent some candy for the sore throatthanks!
...but i broke the case of itoh my god,too strong for opening it
so i wrote many sentences for apologise and i gonna buy the same one for her tomorrow

oh, i have to buy some tickets of the concert by BONJOVI


2006年01月16日(月) 23時21分
these days i was so tired cuz of the driving school n part-time job
everyday i have to move a lot but it's not just me,everyone has to do it
i have to be strong ...ha? is it enough? hey,what are you saying!

nodame(14),on sale.ive already bought it
so good i wanna play my flute after reading it,haha

oh no.i wanna sleep.good night


2006年01月10日(火) 20時58分

today my grandparents went back to their house,hokkaido.
they came to my house aftter my return from australia
and stayed for a long cuz they wanted to see my kimono
on coming-age day.
...i want they stay more.

i worked a part-time for six hours i was used to work for seven hours
so felt it was short i'm working at a cake shop
yesterday all cakes were sold out cuz of coming-age day but today
few people came to buy
BUT it's a little nice for me i don't have to work so hard and
i could eat a cream puff all cream puffs have to be sold out
on each day,so sometimes we can eat when they weren't sold.
...cause of my fat....

coming-age day!! 

2006年01月09日(月) 23時07分
you know,it was coming-age day
and i also joined the ceremony with my kimono
i cannot believe i've become an adult...

my friend and i went to the salon at seven, and finished at about 9:30.
my kimono was made for a long time ago,for my mom, so it was
an old type. obi was longer n hevier than the modan one.
it took so long time for putting on and my friend waited for me, thanks n sorry
i saw many old friends everyone was so great
most of them said,"oh...aya?! wow!! you grew!"
...o,oh.yes.i was shorter than everyone when we were junior-high
and they didin't know i grew up!haha

we had the plan we would attend the class reunion
BUT we didn't go cuz there are sooo many guys we couldn't be know.
so i went for a dinner with friends i liked excited

oh.......i wanna talk more but so tired...


2006年01月07日(土) 15時22分
long time no see, so sorry!
yesterday i went to see a movie, harry potter!!
i saw it with one of my best friends and she said,
"when i saw my friend's web site i also checked your blog,but
you had written nothing,haha."
...oh my god, i've forgotten it! i have to write something...
so now i'm writing. i'll try to write every each day...(but i can't promise)

anyway, the movie was great, i liked it.
but i thought it was a little tight to make it all
in only 2 or 3 hours...
i laughed about the scene that harry throwed up(i don know how to say)
for smiling to chan when they caught eyes each other.

i tried to watch it just listening,without reading japanese translation,
but i had to see it sometimes...cuz i wanted to understand everything!!haha.


2005年11月29日(火) 13時50分
long time no see,so sorry.
these days i've gone for a walk with my host father n a dog.
it's good for our health so we can't stop.

the class was so boring today,,,

today i'll teach my friend who is a thai girl about the rule of chess.
and she'll teach me how to play the checker(is this spell cocorrect?)

maybe tomorrow i'll do competition of another game with my friends after class.
to make many international friends gives you many happiness.

news papers 

2005年11月09日(水) 15時39分
we can read free news papers in my uni.
there's no difference between free news papers and general one, so
it's very good for us. i think japanese uni also deal with
some news papers as a free for students.

tomorrow i have to do presentation in my class.
this time we were divided into some groups and we had to reseach
some street in the city. the project itself was easy and
interested so we enjoyed very well.

...but i don't like guys in my group very much because they are a
little strange!! one boy shoutes some words suddenly..
he is crazy.

rainy day 

2005年11月08日(火) 10時10分
these days the wet season has come in Australia. it's very good for us because we don't have plenty water in here. DRY!!!
i can wash my clothes just once a week...
moreover a drinking water is expensive. and then i have only 5 minutes for taking a shower!!!!
Japan has plenty water so i'm proud of Japan.

today i was late in my class. i slept late!! and the tram didn't come on the time!! in addition it's rain
so i couldn't eat breakfast my host father made for me! i'm sorry, David
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