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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe ninth chapter strange thunderstorm ,not eve .
.. ... Li Junshan has seen a face surprise of Royal decent trot over the king, but he also corrected the thunderstorm said: if your parents to hear you speak plausibly ,that what the eve ,what would they think ? Thunderstorm his brow for screwing up, just want to say something ,Li Junshan once again interrupted her voice .
Don say anything ,is it right? I in the fraud or show ,you can distinguish out .If you are careless or unfeeling hurt those who miss your loved ones heart ,I think it is not true that you want to see .
Li Junshan to meet Steve whispered to sire ,said a thunderstorm . The Pope from Li Junshan and several meters ,Lord Steve hands what far salute to him ,but looked surprised and said: finally come back, so long time without your message, be worried me to death .
Your majesty . Even if Steve is now in the Aston city big heart quite slim speech ,Li Junshan gave him a smile . The Pope ,you call me a name bishop . Steve went to the Li Junshan front, specially the expansion chest exposed breast badge ,silver badge carved with a shaped tail bone penetration shield pattern ,this Li Junshan personally designed emblem pattern and what ceremony has become a symbol of the god .
Of course ,the so-called honorary bishop or some different ,Li Junshan estimated it is largely different religion saint Barbara letter to Steve ,badge is in Aramaic text annotated continental general Steve identity .
In front of the Pope ,I dare not of Royal identity ,as early as you did not leave the before I became our different religion religious believers ,now ... North Face Mens Nuptse Sale... It is said that half ,Steve saw Li Junshan slightly the side opening body ,the same fear Walker and he covered half the body immediately exposed body thunderstorm .
You put the thunderstorm back . Steve suddenly changed ,he looked surprised look poker-faced thunderstorm ,while anxious : the Pope ,you really do . advanced to repeat it . Li Junshan estimates the lebrons .
Soon, he himself is transformed based Andean engineering thing to ask Steve, but do not want to outside when there were so many people in the face of his Majesty the king down to .
Steve nodded hastily ,and behind pulling some set cardinal skeleton King smile ,he did not expect the undead king would respond immediately turned his friendly ,also refused to go in front ,just and Li Junshan parallel to a road into a temple .
Volatile out, Li Junshan looked to the king was about to begin, suddenly heard outside there was a messy Huhe voice . Rain ... ... Light rain ... ... Where are you . The rain ...
... Get out ,don stop me, come out . First heard hurried and loud shout sound Women North Face Hoodie Solid Thicken Cheap,sit on the side of the thunderstorm expression some unnatural ,and Li Junshan smiled at Steve ,a few steps out of the latter at the house, quickly apparent is to prevent trespassing outside court mines a bodyguard back out to calm down .
Call Li Junshan originally thought to be rash and too much in haste the mines would rush in The North Face Denali Fleece Hoodie,did not want to be a mother Murong Linghuo is almost a crash of his Majesty the king attitude rushed in ,not even in the temple and glanced around ,caught a glimpse of her moment of thunderstorm eyes to the extreme, and gave a Sixiao like cry strange ran over .
Call refused to sit fear Walker twinkle in front of the thunderstorm ,thunderstorm to the tiger for protecting young Orc fierce eyes on Murong Linghuo ,that look look if she clashes over even will start .
None of your business . Li Junshan Walker has to fear are good, can meet again after this year let him one As the acme of perfection orcs on Thunderstorm some near meticulous care ,this makes Li Junshan heart is a little uncomfortable .
... ... Fear Walker nature won listen to Li Junshan, the fact of this be fearless of the orcs simply not afraid of him, sort of kings was not around ,as Li Junshan eyebrow pick ready to release a profiled will is to Murong Linghuo hand fear Walker square ,towering Temple space a light ring suddenly appeared a space fissure .
Thunderstorm appears directly in the hands of light wand ,fear walker is looked warily around, only Lee Jun Hill jump King waved without incident, but he found the skin up with a few blisters and burn much better inverse shaped walk out .
More than inverse shaped ,two looks like the black body run in the same groove men at the same time to come out, finally is the space alien . Big black ,black . Li Junshan rushed two black men smile and nodded, the two men are the big black black plans to create the human body -- this is forced by the environment, if not the temple space is too small ,Li Junshan believes they are not in such a high-profile .
Inverse deformed and space aliens are to answer the big black black ,the most attention and focus on the Lowe plain Mingzu and light planes war on Li Junshan ,but did not relax vigilance to race there ,he originally wanted to race in inverse shaped light planes along the latent ,as if this guy too militant had provoked the incident, but again afraid Lowe plains war one less power ,but finally decided to send a large black and black past .
Of course ,large black black ,Li Junshan also has his reasons ,first lord teach the Pope not shaped ,at least for the time being ,or his strength to be profiled in Li Junshan the underworld when reached ,then Li Junshan or alien queen ,apparently not his opponent .
Secondly ,Ohguro Okuro appositional facial random transmission is the only proper course to take the life ,even the risk of danger, but also the first time away from that point ,they and the space alien with machine in common .
Did not ask the situation there ,Li Junshan will move to big black black withdrew spirit space ,whereas the inverse shaped like to feel anything ,punch fear Walker opened his mouth and cruel laugh ,a face itch for a try .
She looked like in the Basilica of them directly . You back .The thunderstorm suddenly openings ,she looked fear Walker shook his head ,the latter still see inverse profiled several eye it back .
The rain . Fear walker had left open ,Murong Linghuo suddenly rushed over ,straight arms to embrace the thunderstorm .Hands up ,thunderstorm would Murong Linghuo virtual block ,while the latter ignores everything just excited rush ,thunderstorm eyebrow pick ,turned out a soft breeze ,but let Murong Linghuo irresistible breeze appeared out of nowhere he pushed her away .
Rain you how is it ? A tall figure steaming from the house rushed in ,but it is looks mighty than to distinct gaunt lean many Lei Wei Marquis, originally the excited he was stunned ,looking directly to thunderstorm anxious : how can you for your mother .
Sister was hesitant and some distant thunderstorm ignored Wei Lei and Murong Linghuo ,then heard a surprise call ringing sound ,look see a handsome tall and straight youth wearing armor appeared in the palace grounds .
Rain, what happened to you? Murong Linghuo are jubilating is appalled ,huge tears streaming down Pu Susu UGG Button Fancy For Cheap,she no longer looked far from the past ,thunderstorm warble asked : do you understand me ?I your mother .
The thunderstorm will be looked at Murong Linghuo ,she wanted from the memories to find the happy woman ,instinct told her that the woman should not in play, but the consciousness to tell the thunderstorm, she did not know the woman .
The Pope Lei Wei not his wife so impulsive, he obviously from the thunderstorm strange eyes see what, bear a few steps to the front of the Li Junshan to his bow and ,anxious and asked: thunderstorm with her? Here.
Li Junshan pointed to his head ,sighed and said: memory is out of the question, the light of her soul monotheism Pope done hands ,the original memory is completely clean ,available memory is also the Pope to her .
How a brother ray Hyun urgently, he also did not own the original wound to Li Junshan now status, a darted in front of him ,spending : is there no way out ? Trying to ,but still no clue .
Lee Junshan long with a sigh ,smile and said: take her from light army hands grabbed monotheism ,but also face the Mingzu and bright monotheism, nearly 100 super order strong attack ,this for me is not the most difficult ,I have a headache now is how to make her believe that we say is the truth -- she is not a bright religion saint Lance and EVA ,but mainland Empire Wei Lei Monsieur the Marquis thunderstorm .
Illuminism saint Murong Linghuo stayed ,and her still retaining one face filled with boundless anger flame ,also is not considered on what is the occasion crevasse called: the Pope ,he is what identity ,was able to use this three excessive means torture my rain, there is can let the rain bow .
Bright side more than 10 million strong UGG Amelie Shoes,capable of more, he chose to start the thunderstorm ,damn it ,must be able to see him ,I fight for life but also put him into pieces cut to bits .
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