his achievements in Jiankang is not very prominent

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Feng Xiao Yin sitting on the roof of the front side of the of Li Jun, he looked down his vision to see what landscape, only to see Jiankang city the remote alleys and Whose deep courtyard, smiled and sighed: "of Xiaoxiang trail opportunities Xiaoxiang. "Li Jun before intentionally change the subject:" I know why these eaves stretched so far behind? "the distant fly Ikara, under the setting sun, it is the old downtown. The Feng Xiao Yin guilingjing know that he is deliberately fork, laughing: "is nothing more than people want to show off the technology, built such a complicated one roof construction, and Xiaoxiang girl has nothing to do, right?" Li Jun before a smile: "You're A wrong. overhanging angle like official outstretched claws of Crown when the larger, longer live in the mansion overhanging angle, the plundered people more. "setting sun shine, wind and vegetation flowers. The phoenix Xiao Yin Sidongfeidong nodded Mens Timberland 2 Eye Shoes. Her understanding of rivers and lakes is also just a corner, not to mention the rivers and lakes, and the era of broken. Li Jun before with her to go all the way from the the Jiangnan stronghold near the bridge, she suddenly stopped and asked: "Smell it What is that smell Timberland Mens Earthkeepers Sandals?" What's that smell? "Sniff while Yin Er, nothing. Jun smiles: "Good wine needs no bush Zhenshi Ben home, apricot wine ah!" "Wine? If I had known the wine I pulled Linsheng Nan and Liu Wujin here to the southern stronghold is coming?" deep, you do not think the smell the alcohol in the bridge, thought to actually To Shui sixty-seven of bends can see the full, be regarded as a small Qinhuai stronghold and the name of a pub called 'Shen Xiang Ming toward selling apricot 'Yiner thumbs up: "good name, appropriate and poetic, I have a few brothers, not a name, was also called' virtue Xuan '!" with Xuan Tisi flow? "Li Jun Oh smile before. Talking a lot of time around, only that which is really very difficult to identify the direction, Feng Xiao Yin Li Jun before the two finally came to the stronghold, just in Jiangnan and speak up, they saw the chief to feel that alley, both big surprise. Jiangnan, impatient tone: "how do you come?" "How? Did not welcome me?" Dare ah! "Jiangnan look innocent to help her find a stools. To speak up and Feng Xiao Yin nodded hello, immediately asked Li Jun: "how are things going?" Jun nodded: "It is said that Jinguo Gong master is what princes daughter was a little girl, so protection in side a certain number of people. secret of their itinerary, so far identified only a yellow day swing. "very good, Wong Tin swing over to be especially careful." speak up and whispered. Jiangnan remove one from a kit a vessel to vessel with a beam lifting should be a thing of the wine, Tongshen decorated with dragon decoration Bird. Fancy button cover, the generous beam lifting and prominent Fei edges, has a dragon Ngau Tau carved decoration, the level many and varied. Feng Xiao Yin sharp-eyed, loudly: "ancient artifacts! Antiquities,! Appreciation appreciation to my brothers to go!" Jun smile: "This jade is very special, three Fei edges, small Qinhuai only recently obtained from Suzhou." Phoenix Xiao Yin Oh loudly, leaned ornamental This compact Items: "three Fei edges, very chic." is very chic. "statement, Jiang, Li trio Qi Road, suddenly, with hand pumping Fei edges, Feng Xiao Yin was shocked, now Fei edge, became three glandulifera dagger, the moment he three out of his house, a few handle dagger fly out together, heard a loud crash and opt nailed to a tree three, Feng Xiao Yin eyes just transferred to the hospital in, you could not help but became pale face, I saw a black man trembling under a tree, his head is no more than an inch, half an inch a lot the dagger ...... Fung xiao Yin applauded: "Bravo!" Monarch before a door, picked up the man Wen: "You what?" The man did not answer, suddenly reached for a sprinkle, full of empty is full of white smoke powder, fans eyes pungent choking badly jump flash escaped Li Jun, unused this Dufen in harming, however, so slow a slow man escaped from the monarch before men, desperately ran to the distance, to the former monarch a move to catch the hand, then grabbed the collar of his windbreaker, the man without thinking, immediately withdraw its role abandoned a windbreaker. Jun before a torn his clothes, think relative Elam, is already less than one gray, the air, although the man because panic casually scattered poison everyone to catch up to Hong Mei, the man without a trace, Li Jun grabs that windbreaker, whispered: "It seems that the apricot wine to drink incredibly, it is time to change stronghold." Who is that man! "the Jiangnan indignant Road. Snorted speak up: "I see Jin's eyes and ears, after gathering more careful." Feng Xiao Yin nodded: "the powers of man, especially the internal forces and dodge, alas, but unfortunately still a spies, masters of martial arts should not be underestimated. "go together back to the pub, For the relaxed atmosphere:" Jiangnan, you just fit really closely. "Jiangnan Xi Zizi:" It is natural. "with a smile in front of the tavern master Li Jun has arrangements to leave the stronghold of cypher withdrawal has left, slightly nodded, turned Jiangnan: "a few days I will arrange a good base to give you, Xiao Yin looked up," there may be new incense main please. "Why do you want to ask?" Jiangnan surprised a moment. LI Kwan former said: "Let the task, not just Jinguo Gong master escapement, this year's gang contest in Huainan, a lot of our opponents." The Huainan gang contest? Is not a contest to decide the winner which gang prestige? "Feng Xiao Yin With spirits. "This is an annual, but this year is not the same this year, Murong Villa the Qinhuai have lost the collar, while the forest concept celecoxib apprentice Division mate Blue Huainan famous fifteen gang aggressive under control. Murong Villa the Tokgo absolutely clear that small the Qinhuai must someone hold the line, the chief and, in fact, just waiting for your word. "Li Jun before analysis Road. "Well, I assure you, I will take you at you phrase Jianghai contention stream!" Could wish Yiner originally. "Readily" to speak up in a smile. Li Jun nod and smile: "Well, you are nobody's, He dared to Hong main solve the traitor, and then place your concern, but remember to be virtuous." Feng Xiao Yin nodded, picked up the baby, how could we not happy? Afraid own life received the greatest birthday gift! Early the next morning, the LI Kwan of before He Siyuan and the white road trio went to red Mian pub with the new fragrance to discuss matters Azolla and Shen Yan et al surprised to see the small junior sister apprentice times to get up so early, but also whom ran Shangcuan under served tea delivery of water, overjoyed, fame or fortune, they would understand the Feng Xiao Yin this position long-awaited! Li Jun before looked slightly curious industrious If this Feng Xiao Yin, speechless describe turned around to look at Lin Shengnan: "I do not know Lin Shaoxia may wish to join our small Qinhuai it?" Liu Wen met in the gallery hurry come: "ah, forest footpath brother is the knife Valley ......" Liu Wujin also nodded: "Shannon Lee Lord, his future going to Chuanshu how may also stability in Huainan?" Li Jun before a moment and smiles : "temporarily joined, then why should not it?" But now the red coat the Walled and small Qinhuai arms still, I thought for a while to say. "Lin Shengnan softly refused. Have to see outside Jiangnan Li Jun carriage, stood up: "Well, I am waiting for your reply. Feng Xiao Yin Hong Lord." In! "Feng Xiao Yin ran. "We're going to the Mid-Levels Park and brothers party, you also want to get to know everyone." Feng Xiao Yin elated, immediately rushed to the south of the carriage inside to talk to his co-sit, grateful incense main are riding, to see her lazy car together, and a little kid, and prepared for her a new horse vain wasted her laziness, is shaking his head bitterly, Lin Shengnan they step onto the horse before the Road with Li Jun: "I happened to also take the opportunity to go to the Mid-Levels park look a look. "Li Jun before a smile allow to give the horse a whip, White Road, then to keep up with all the horses are odd world Liangju soon has to pull a few miles. Jiangnan drinking in the car, the habit of looking out the window at the scenery, Feng Xiao Yin did not people speak really bored, had an excuse to bring him: "Jiangnan Why is it called Jiangnan?" Jiangnan "you have memorized, Jiangnan can gather lotus , Lin Ye Hetian field? fish play lotus, fish play lotus East, fish play lotus West, fish play lotus south, fish play lotus North. "she said for a long time, thinking that the South will boast a Who feed him for a long line of sight was moved back from the window, lazily said: "I did not back off, how? why show off your literary talent? 'phoenix flute Yin furious:" you how this kid the girl thirsty to water I drink! "with Ho to you!? Where are you from ah, so many bad habits!" "not to give?" to "not to grab!" Feng Xiao Yin want to snatch over, I did not realize the Hukou did not cover, poured himself a shouting: "What are you doing! water, water!" "You want to drink!" Jiangnan look innocent. "I want to drink, not my clothes need water!" So, grab people things are not good retribution! "South said triumphantly. "There is this girl, always very noisy." He Siyuan quarrel outside in the car, listening to the two children, a smile can make even? White Road, but rarely reveal a knowing laugh: "I have not so busy ......" He Siyuan see that she did not come out from the shadow of the white wings of death, softly: "Road children, rest assured, his brothers and sisters will take good care of you. "white road looked not far before Li Jun, he rode up front, for so many years, in addition to his father, and my heart is such a figure. ...... Li Jun in immediately before listening past the wind, on a whim, loudly: "Even Miles seek Monkey, horse Shu okrug!" at full speed, and bolted a few miles more than, Linsheng Nan followed, just listen to Li Jun and Yin: "As early as the year-old did not realize things the hard times, the Central Plains north gas as a mountain. these teenagers, there is always a strong physical strength, are very ambitious! "only hope Taobao Taobao Mall, Taobao Women Lynx winter jacket, aspiring not to be ambitious and vain. the Incense Master Lee liked visit, because the total white the Duozhu impact? "indeed. the total Duozhu favorite is Fangweng." Li Jun stopped in front of the Malays, and other white road they catch up, sighed to continue and win the South said, "talk about the past, Lin Shaoxia , appreciate most is what a poet? "each has of appreciation for, but most appreciate the poet to is not poetry is the most prominent." "Oh? then is which one?" Li Jun great interest. "Is now the place to go - the construction of the Mid-Levels Park." Wang Anshi? Why? "" I appreciate his political views, and think he has been out of that era. "Sheng South Road. The Feng Xiao Yin in the car Tanchunaodai to the: "'ve never heard you spoken of ah ..." That is because there is no recalling the tragic place. "Wins South replied, LI Road:" Unfortunately, Wang Anshi's Reform eventually failed , his achievements in Jiankang is not very prominent, there have been a ridiculous decision, Xuanwu Lake water deprived. "people who no over-ah!" Feng Xiao Yin easy for him to refute, "he can political reform, has been different from ordinary people, not the White Road, White Road, like Which poet? "I do not like the literati poet Canada Goose Livigno Outlet?, I like the Warrior, Li Guang Wei Qing, from the Han Dynasty to modern Yue Fei Wu I admire admired! "Feng Xiao Yin smile:" But a win in Cai Shiji in that war, a death sentence for a Golden State tyrant is a scholar more worship some civil and military, for example, Xin Jiaxuan. "wins South suddenly surprised: I will find Xin Qi-ji revenge? Hu Shui Ling Qiu, even in the identity change for forest footpath, so that he no turning back - just for that Road scars on the amount of their mother, but in order for her to recover the amount of blood for her delayed for years , just to help her make up her comfort also her kindness to send her forces. Things their own scanty, but ultimately very night to ten years, mothers looked on this hatred could not sleep.
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