I Hope Beanie Wells Will Really Play Well

November 25 [Mon], 2013, 14:23

Coming out of Sunday's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, there's genuine reason for concern with the ground game of the Baltimore Ravens.Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce went into the Steelers matchup ranked first and second in the league in percentage of runs generating 2 or fewer yards.They averaged just 2.76 yards on 21 carries against Pittsburgh, and Pierce is dealing with a hamstring injury that kept him out of Wednesday's practice.

.With no other runners on the roster, the Ravens tried out Beanie Wells on Wednesday, according to Aaron Wilson of The Baltimore Sun.We don't expect Pierce to miss time, so chalk up the Wells visit as due diligence.He's the next free agent available after Willis McGahee was snatched up by the Cleveland Browns and Brandon Jacobs and Peyton Hillis joined the New York Giants.Both of Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce went into the Pittsburgh Steelers matchup ranked first and second in the league.Well, Bernard Pierce got hamstring injury, so he was out of Wednesday's practice.According to the report, the Baltimore Ravens tried out Beanie Wells on Wednesday.Anyway, in my opinion, I hope Beanie Wells will really play well on the field for the Baltimore Ravens.Besides, I also expect Bernard Pierce to recover as soon as possible.In a word, I hope Beanie Wells will succeed during the game.Owning the NFL jersey is the NFL fans' dream.We have a lot of high quality NFL apparel with low price.Our bucsapparel.com online shop announced on Thursday that all the NFL merchandise is available at up to 70% off of the retail price.

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