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The driving condition of cars are decided by whether the maintenance of them has been done in time. Therefore, you should pay speical attention on the changing of oils and checking the leaking problem of the key parts after you have bought a second hand car. Engine oil, brake fluid, gearbox oil, three filter these foundation need you pay more attention. Many people don't have the clue after they have bought a second hand car. They don't know how to maintain them. After all, second hand car is different with a new one.How to NOT Wear precription eyeglasses : Practicable Ways

There may be two reasons, firstly, the used car market place is special, it is difficult to choose the ideal car, let alone there are professional workers introduce follow-up service. Summarize the Top 5 gucci glasses for November at Once! You Will be Impressed! Secondly, many people once discussed at the beginning. While they often discuss the questions like the selection techniques, bargain tips and so on, for their car models are different, they naturally rarely discuss the maintain tips after buying the car. 1. The deep maintenance of lubricate system The main function of lubricate system is to do effective lubricate on each part of the engine to prevent for over abrasion. In normal condition, the clean and maintain should be done every 5000km to 10000km. When the noise of the engine is too loud or the speeding up is powerless or the temperature of water is too high, the clean and maintenance should be done too.Kate hudson Suggest You How to Keep oakley glasses

Clean the sludge and other sediments inside the engine to avoid oil thickening oxidation at high temperature, reduce wear and tear of engine parts, extend engine life and increase engine power. 2. The cleanout and maintenance of the fuel system (Clean the left carbon on spray nozzle and the air valves) Usually, car needs cleaning maintenance every 10000km- 15000km, or when you find it engine shaking breath, slow moving and acceleration, black smoke, impotence, excessive fuel consumption, it also needs cleaning and maintenance. Clean out the glue and left carbon inside the system to prevent the harmful corrode from happening, avoid and stop the leaking on seal components and the water case. Change over the cooling liquid. 3. The cleanout and maintenance of cooling system. Usually, the car needs cleaning and maintenance in summer and winter seasonal, every normal driving every 6 months to 8 months, or too high water temperature, leakage or boil. Clean out the marks and incrustation which may cause the over heat of engine to prevent the harmful corrode from happening, avoid and stop the leaking in seal components and water case, change the cooling liquid completely.

Fourthly, the cleaning and maintenance of transmission (automatic transmission gear box) Usually, the car needs cleaning and maintenance every 20000km-25000km, or transmission slip, high water temperature, shift delay, the system leakage. Clear the harmful sludge and varnish deposits and restore the flexibility of gasket and O-ring to smooth shift gearbox, increase power output, and total replacement of the old automatic transmission oil.

5. The maintenace of power steering system The maintenace should be done once every 40000km to 45000km or once when there is the problem of steering difficulties and leaking in system and the changing of the components of power steering machine. Clear the harmful sludge, varnish in the system and the turn difficult at low temperatures, stop and prevent the leakage of power steering fluid, clear turn noise and completely replace the old brake fluid shift. Do the maintenance once every 50000 km driving or once when there is the advanced or delayed reaponse of ABS.