Crowded Stairs

December 10 [Fri], 2010, 22:16

The stairs at school are crowded because they are narrowed stairs.
The school should change it because the high school students are not small children any more and they are big.

The thing they need to change is that to make the stairs biggger for the width becasue there are students going up and students going down. I always see only two lines can go through and some people are almost late for the next class. Then they can make a rule. There are two stairs in High school and they should decide to use one stairs for going up and the other one for going down like Middle school.

The other idea of changing it better is to make a elevator at school like a picture shown on top.
I think they can make about five huge elevators and decide which one goes up and which one goes down.
I think it would be a good idea for solving the problems of crowded stairs.

Heavy Bags

December 02 [Thu], 2010, 16:01

As I said before, students have hard to carrying heavy bags which have textbooks and notebooks.
Heavy bags can hurt their shoulders and they get tired. if we use iPad which is very light and thin so does not

hurt anything.
In addition, they do not need such a huge bag. I heard from some students that some of the

students are happy if they can use iPad because they are tired of carrying the heavy bags.

Problems at school

December 01 [Wed], 2010, 23:44
Many students have problems for carring heavy notebooks and textbooks at school.
Thought they want to use thier locker before each class, thier some of thier lockers are on the 4th floor

and they do not have much time to go up and get the things they need for the next class, like me.
In addition, the stairs are too crowded. High school students are not small any more. The stairs are too

narrow for them.
They have only ten minutes to go to next class and they rushes. Parents and teachers

need to think about it seriously.
We should use iPad instead of using heavy textbooks and notebooks

because iPad is not heavy and we can do many things with it such as using it for school work.
For example,

we can make notes on iPad and save it to not lose them.
When we do not use iPad, we sometimes lose the

papers as classwork and homework from every teachers.
Then we have a hard time to find them because

it mixes with other subjects.

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