Today I announce a goal.. 

November 24 [Sat], 2007, 3:43
I am going to lose some kg !
I must must must !
I've already lost 6.8 kgs and I will keep going until I reach my goal of 43 kg.

This kind of situation calls for a crash diet
No more carbs, snacking, dinner, or sweets.

I'm going to transform this year. You'll see !

S U N D AY . ディズニー! 

September 10 [Mon], 2007, 4:30
この週末は超暑いです! 私が秋の天気が始まるのを待つことができない! 秋のように私.??? 私が人々のalotがそれに同意することを望む
今週私は髪の毛を染めたいです!! 私が髪の毛を染めるべきか?意見を必要としています!
おお! ディズニーmusic. 私はウォルトディズニーワールドに行きたいです。 そこでこれほど素晴らしくありませんか?! 私がそれがそこで非常に素晴らしいと思う.
それは奇妙ですか? 私が望まないで~!

今私はパフイーによって歌われている「東京 I’M ON MY WAY」の曲〔調和〕に手紙を書きます。 私はすぐにその歌を聞いていません! 私は、他の誰かがその歌..が好きなのかどうかと思います。

How is my Japanese? Any better yet? Haha, I can’t ask that after two entries, right? That’s OK! I’ll write more often.

Now.. I write in English!

This weekend is super hot! I cannot wait for the autumn weather to start!I like autumn. I hope alot of people agree with that.
This week I want to dye my hair!! I don’t know if I should though.I need opinions. Usually when I ask someone they tell me whatever comes to their mind out of JEALOUSY that I dye my hair.
Oh! Disney music is playing.Splash Mountain’s song! I want to go to Walt Disney World. Isn’t it so nice there?! I think it is very nice there. Is that weird? I hope not〜!

Now I write to the tune of 「東京 I’M ON MY WAY」 by パフイー I haven’t heard that song in a while! I wonder if anyone else likes that song..


August 28 [Tue], 2007, 4:34
私は将来日本に移ります! 日本愛してるー!

とりあえず 私が英語で書いて

NEW BLOG Livejournal is just boring now..

Summer is almost over and school will be starting soon.
Already ! ! ! 10th grade..
I'll try my best this year and everyone else should too

It's disappointing that my schedule can be changed all around at any moment!
Hopefully it won't change alot.

This year started out quite terribly, but let's make it end on good terms!

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