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ビューティフル ウイークエンド 

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my hood 

2007年07月29日(日) 22時32分
I was on the car this morning, looking out of the window... guess what came into my sight:

In the beginning I thought that was a really big doggy.and the next moment I was like "no way" "dont try to deceive yourself tama chan".

I had an irresistible desire to get off the car right away and ask that guy why, "why are a man and a donkey walking around my neighborhood so "openly", as if it was something so natural, everyday, common sight. I mean.. is it? getting confused..

but i was on the run, didnt have extra time to pursue my curiosity. how sad to be a gendai-jin.

I couldnt find a way out of this confusion by my self. I needed a big help. so i emailed my mom with this picture attached. and she replied to me:

"oh that's the donkey living down the hill. I know where s/he lives. wanna visit?"

I was like ".....sure, why not?"

I'm very proud of being a Kiyose-citizen.


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たかひろ is back in Tokyo!! 

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welcome back party 

2007年06月19日(火) 0時23分

i might try to update here later cuz im reeally tired now. but for now, welcome back Shun.Thank you for providing the pix Yuri-chan.Too bad cutie Ryoji's face is covered by a big jaw. thank you guys for a good time, esp. Shun's lovely mom We should definitely get together again some time soon

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