Photoshop-ed :) 

October 05 [Fri], 2007, 18:39
hey guys
ive edited this during my free time.




its fully done by me with PS CS3 Extended.




compare the breast area, shoulder area & the waist (stomach)
i didnt touch up on her thigh.
but she was already pretty to begin with.
& doesnt her hair look gorgeous?

once again, its fully done by me with PSCS3Extended


i will update more next time.
hopefully ive time to edit more pictures.
see ya


October 03 [Wed], 2007, 21:44
been ages since ive blogged.
pretty busy with my revision recently..
went to JP/JE library with christina to do self

im such a good girl.

O's lvl is drawing near.
i dont have much time.
completely give up on GE.
& mugging all day long.

on the next post, im gng put up some of the photos ive edited ytd.
that was my only free time

Update #01 

August 18 [Sat], 2007, 2:52
hello humans
dom said that i should update so people will come.
so i have decided to add 4 new stuffs
all these will be found under " カテゴリアーカイブ "
apart from my daily stuffs..
i will be adding

01. Stories
02. Japanese Lesson
03. MP3 Request/Rotation
04. MTV/PV Request

& also, a request box (RB) on the right

but before u proceed any further, u must read whats below


01. Stories

i will be posting stories which i find it
funny, interesting, heart-warming, heart-wrenching


- true & actual facts with no make up stories.
- i will not alter any contents of the story.
- i will credit the rightful owner or whoever i should & need to.
- i will remove if the owner demand it.

* owner can contact me through RB.
** update twice a week.

02. Japanese Lesson

yes, thats the name ^____^
タコ (tako = my family name)
JL = Japanese Lesson

i will be teaching 日本語
for those who are interested, you can learn 日本語 without having to pay a cent
great news isnt it
& yaplog, being a japan bloghost, i can write japanese characters freely.
unlike blogger, with so much restraint.

& hey
you can join as a student of タコのJL for free
just tell me via RB.

as a student of タコのJL,
you will be able to get homework (if u requested it) from me for free
so why not


- i will be covering almost everything that ive learnt.
- if i do make any mistakes, please correct me through request box.

* any requests can be made. just tell me via RB
** update once to twice a week.

03 & 04. MP3/MTV/PV Request

nope. im not kidding you.

but sadly,
i wont be able to let you download any MP3 for the time being.
but no worries, the problem will be solved soon.
& then, it will be MP3 Rotations too

but for the time being.
i will put up a list of MP3 which i find it nice
& you can just tell me which song you want via RB.
you will definately get the song

as for MTV/PV,
you can request any MTV/PV you want via RB.
unless its those from the 80s or 90s, there will be no guarantee.

but before asking for any MP3 or MTV/PV, read below.


- i promise to delete any MP3/MTV/PV ive received after 24 hours.
- i promise to respect the property of the artist & his/her company.
- i promise to purchase the original album to show my way of support.

* MP3 Rotation will be on for 1 month or less than that.
** update twice to one month.

05. Request Box (RB)

- Request Box will be known as RB.
- Chatting or Spamming will not be entertained.
- Outrageous request will not be entertained too.
- Rude human or StIcKy CaPz user will not be entertaned too.
- RB will only be available to
: owner of the stories
: human who want to join as a タコのJL student
: タコのJL student
: タコのJL request
: MP3/MTV/PV request

you can also send me encouragement through RB
it will just keep me going ^____________^

i will not entertain any requests which are posted in tagboard.

thats all
i will be updating this sunday
be sure to come back & visit ^____________^

Amberlene ^^~

Something New 

August 12 [Sun], 2007, 18:50
hello people
i have discovered something new in yaplog


looks like its taken from neoprint right
but nope, its a function called "Magic Marker"

how is it
pretty cool right, hur hur
it makes u love yaplog even more right

ohh im so happy right now *laughs*
i will update more pictures later on

ta ta~

School #03 

August 01 [Wed], 2007, 21:09
share cab to with one of the indian student who live opposite my block.
she approached me & asked if i wanna share cab..
cos we r running late.

it cost me $2.50 & my heart .
so expensive.
i could buy lots of things with $2.50.

im not going to take cab anymore to .
even if im going to be late.


was pretty alrighty.
christina wasnt here & i was alone.
i do self revision for the 3 free periods.
all maths.
forever maths.
weeee~ how much i hate maths.

alrighty, i dun hate maths.
but the sight of maths paper irks me everytime, without fail.

then i for 1 period.
& mrs goh woke me up indirectly.
apparently, her shout to shariff woke everyone up in the class.
i have no idea why she keep telling people to
it seemed to become her phrase.
well, i went back to .

then we had english lesson.
it was relaxing.
miss chee went through an newspaper article & somehow i like it.
then for the last 15 mins, she went through some paper.

i didnt finished my
it taste awful.
but the toufu was nice.
im getting picky again.
uh oh.

then we had chemistry lab after recess.

i broke 2 test tube at a shot.
& it cost me $10.
but they didnt asked me to pay.
so i wont.
even if they asked.
i wont.
when it comes to , i must fight for my right.
though im the one at fault.

but i was far better than andrew.
he actually whatever he has on his hand during O's pratical.
darling, u earned a 'kudos'

social studies was boring as usual.
im gonna buck up on my humanities.
its dead boring.

& we thought we could go at 1.30pm.
but mr ong suddenly appeared at 1.25pm & told us to stay back.
obviously, its MATHS AGAIN.
will it ever stop interfering my life?
i guess nope.
cos = maths.
i guess i will never get away from maths.

mr ong told us that only those who have completed his work can leave.
i didnt do much.
jus 20% of here & there.
so i was very hardworking.
i copied weitian's work.
& yay.
i got to go home at 3pm.


O's O's O's

just let me get into NP
whats wrong with that MOE
  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:ddq
  • アイコン画像 性別:男性
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:1986年3月23日
  • アイコン画像 血液型:O型
  • アイコン画像 現住所:国外
  • アイコン画像 職業:小中高生
  • アイコン画像 趣味:

4 in the morning by Gwen Stefeni


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