Humiliate myself 

January 09 [Mon], 2006, 18:51
at English.Hello^^ ohhh..It's already at 5a.m. and what's more. I have to wake up at 7a.m. cause Im going to Julien's school to teach Japanese in his class... So I was making a prepare of lessons for today.. Unnnnn,,,Whatever will be will be..^\^. Anyway, I was hang over Today... The party was really awesome and I met a lot of friends... Also ,Japanese was only me...^^... It's a good for me right??? But, I think that I need more to study English.. Learn from the mistakes of others. I cant live long enought to make them all myself right>><< so Im trying.....I need more humiliate myself to speak English. And I will get good at English. So ,You will see in a year, How well I will speak English...OK??? SEE YOU My baby..^^


January 08 [Sun], 2006, 19:03
Im dronk to drink too much..hahaha..Now is at 5.00 in the morning...The party had just finished now...So,,I am writting down my diary light now...So You had shuld come to my house...Anyawy Iam reallt dronk now..So..see you tomorrow...

Hey you 

January 07 [Sat], 2006, 18:31
I was nothing Today.,,But,,,,, I met you on the messen but ,,Hey Where are you????? I am Waitting,,,,,, Again Again?? Oh my god...You said that you come back on the messen after lunch,,, So,I cant belive you anymore.I dont care about you,,,,,And it is OK^^
By the way, Claire's birthday is Today...Also There is a big party in our house Tomorrow. I should enjoy the party and get the dronk...hahaha,,,Hey,,Did you buy the telephon??? If you get the it please tell me your number...OK?? See you


January 06 [Fri], 2006, 18:59
Ohhhhhh,,Satisfaction....^^...Becauce you know...I was teaching Japanese to Clair untill just before..She said that your Japanese is better than Emi..~~~^^ So ,Everyone regard me as a great parson^^ Dont you think so??? Hey, Do you hear my voice??? Im awesome^^ Anyway, I met my teacher( her name is Donne)to eat dinner.. Also She said that Ohhhh your English is getting better and better.hahaha...Do you hear my voice?? Im genius.....And than, I went the our hung out with my neighbor and ate a white chocolete...Ohhhh..It was awesome too... Do you want to eat ??? I will send you it as soon as I can^^ Time to sleep....See you

You are a innocent girl 

January 05 [Thu], 2006, 20:21
Hey. What up?? Are you still living baby??^^ Do you know ??Clair's birthday is comming this Saturday... Me and Julien are going to buy something for her..So. Tell me what does she like.... she is one of the yoour best friend in Montral right?? I think that you had better come to Montreal this Saturday and you make her happly and you make me happly^^ Anyway, Julien is sick.....But He always chat on the messen with Jay those day....So I dont care about him~~~~hahaha... so.Now,Im looking for another friend in Montreal and girlfriend^^ Hey...Let's grab a coffee.....Why dont we go to the Calories??............I will go to the there Tomorrrow.
If you were in Montreal, I would buy a spacial cake to you.........See you

Happly New Years 

January 04 [Wed], 2006, 18:22
 あけましておめでとう。元気ですか??こっちはというもの、最近はのんびりした生活を送っています。ジュリアンも仕事(病院の中で年寄りを相手にしてるんだって)をはじめ、クレアも学校が始まり忙しそう。家の中はシーーーーーーンってしてるね^^今日はジェイとチャイナタウンに行ってフォーをたべてきたよ。その途中でジェイの前の彼女に逢って(日本人だった)びっくり。ジェイもまさかモントリオールにいるとは思わなかったらしいよ。その子は白人の彼氏を連れてました。はっはっは。彼氏に会いに着たんだって。いいねーーーーーー^^そうそう、俺の日本の親友知ってるよね。彼女といろいろあったらしく、真剣に悩んでました。やっぱりいざとなると男は弱いね。。。。俺もそうだけど。  今年の目標はたてましたか??  俺は簡単な目標を立てました。 誰かさんより英語を話せるようになる事。。。
簡単な目標でしょ。。。^^  この目標を達成するまで、エミには会いません^^ 後、なんか二人で目標つくろうか。。。。なんでも良いからさ。まあ、連絡ください。待たされるのにはもう慣れてるので、気がついたらメールして。。^^。。 じゃあ、また^^

Merry Chiristmas 

December 24 [Sat], 2005, 18:21
あ、、また消えたよ。。コピーしとけばよかった><英語で今日はいい文章を書いたのに。。。後30分後に家を出るため簡単に日本語で書きます、。今日はモファとコイの誕生日パーテイ^^ねー覚えてる??ジュリアンと三人でボーリングやりにいった場所??そこでみんなで飲みました。So, The place remind me of you。 ジュリアンと二人でエミの話してました。ジュリアンもジェイが帰ったことで寂しそうだよ。今日、昼間にジェイから電話があって、すごいうれしそうでした。。。^^ 誰かさんは、、、、、、、><  そういえばもうクリスマスだね。そっちgはどうすごしてますか??楽しんでる??今日からトロント行って来ます。久々にはっちゃけてこようかな。。酒には飲まれないようにします。そろそろ来年の目標を立てなくては。。。。とりあえずこの日記はずっとつずけようと思います。自分の為にねーー^^英語と日本語で文章を書く練習。それと誰かさんが読んでくれることを祈って。トロントから帰ってくるまで、中断かな。 それじゃ、メリークリスマス^^  また。。。。

I hope 

December 23 [Fri], 2005, 17:02
How is your trip??? Are you enjoying now?? Ohhh....I want to go there.... You are supposed to stay in my house now....So..Be dutiful to your parents.. Now is 3a.m..My brother went to the Club....So Im alone light now....If you were in my house, I would talk with you and drinking.....Anyway, There's Mofa and Koi's birthday party tomorrow...You should come to this party....Ok?? I wll be waitting our hang out place untill you come....Ok??hahahaha..You can't...Iknow I know..It's OK... Today was nothing..I just went to the gym and went the our hang out place...^^ you know...I have been there many time since you lefe...So Dont forget this place...I think that you dont care about me right??? hahaha I should not be annoying you...But only diary,,,It is OK...I won't be annoying you except my diary...I hope to talk you soon...see you... P.S 今日のチーズケイキはうまっかたーーー^^

Let's go one day 

December 22 [Thu], 2005, 18:52
Hey you. Finally Finally ,you sent me E-mail^^ You did good job..,Anyway. Today I went the Korean restran with my classmaito...It has been long time since I finished my school.....I had good time with their.... And I will go to Toronto this Saturday...Hey Let's do something for Christmas...What do you want to do??^^ But, You can't come in front of me the time....I wish I could.......Anyway ,From now..I dont want to think too much about you...I have to think about what am I suppoused to do for you in the future.... Today I was thinking about oneday We will go to the hotspring...I really want to go ,,,,If you dont mind...Let's go....OKOK?????
i think that time to bed,,Good night .....See you


December 21 [Wed], 2005, 17:08
Hey... I secure about you.. Julien told me about it...So I can concentrat in my lifes..hahaha.. Anyway , I went the airport with him and Jay Today. She went back to Korean.... He really sad... But after. She couldn't go back from Toront..She called my house frome Toront and Julien called Chameron..Because his parents are living in Toront..So They picked her up in Toront.hahahaha...She will go back to Korean this Thurseday.....トロンとに着いたときに韓国いきの飛行機が先にでっちゃったんだって^^ Anyway、New roommaito is comming Tommorow..She is Japanese...I hope that She is like you. I have hight expectation of her..hahaha...So...I dont need you^^ hahaha....Hey,,,Don't forget about me...Oneday, I hope that you send me E-mail...Looking forward to sending E-mail.....まあ、いいけどさ^^  see you
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