an aight day 

2009年10月15日(木) 4時46分
so, i'm home from school~
today was okay, it was the
coldest it's been this fall,
which is cool.

and we had this weird
substitute in english(first period)
but we skipped half the period
for the terry fox run.(we just walked)

the rest of the classes were fine.
was hilarious, but i can't
remember any of it.. haha

and we have this fat gay sub for
french all week, which i hate him.
and he gives us more homework,
yet he can't even speak french..


oh my.. 

2009年10月14日(水) 12時52分
WOW! so much music being released.
B2ST(or BEAST now? O.o..) has an AMAZING mini-album out!!
and i loveeeeeeee it! i love every song, 'cept 아직은
i don't really do that style of music, so. it's not bad tho.

and MBLAQ's album is awesomeeee.
but i think i like B2ST better..
and yoseob is MINEEEEEEEE muahaha. :3

AND SHINee's new song Ring Ding Dong is sooo awesome,
although it seems more like a summer song to me.. but i still love it.

i cannot do any homework with all this commotion! haha.
i'll just do my homework at tomorrow i guess.


2009年10月14日(水) 8時25分
hello this is my first post and my first time trying yaplog.
i have seen other people using it, and i wanted to try it out~
i only speak english, and some french. i live in canada,
so i have to learn french in school(i'm in high school)

my favourite music is mostly k-pop, and some j-pop.
i like 4minute, 2PM, Big Bang, 2NE1, etc.

i have a tumbr:
and aol instant messenger: tofu gum
and msn:
i have more, so just ask.
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hii. i'm taeyoung. i'm 14, and i live in canada. i can only speak some french, and english. i know a few korean and japanese words here and there. i LOVE kpop. get to know me. ;D tumblr aim: tofu gum