2005年09月13日(火) 17時51分
Thank you for all, I hope that I can study well and write a good graduation thesis
By the way, about 18th Sep. I wonder what time you are arriving at Salzburg. As you told me that you perhaps arrive at night, so I planned to arrive around 20:00, but if it's too late, I can change the plan, so please let me know your arrival. Haa, I am so happy, finaly I can see you... Only half and a month but felt so long... Wonder how you are feeling, think we have lots of things to talk
Ah, I actually move here on 16th, to see another swiss friend who lives about an hour by train away from Zurich, and I am staying there till 18th morning. That means, I can write to you and read replys till 16th morning. Perhaps you are in London at that time? Please take care and wishing you have a great fun there. I love you I talk to you again later


2005年09月13日(火) 16時52分
Yesterday, Delphine took me to Chateau de Nillon in Montruex, and a tower on the top of a mountain. Both were really nice, the Chateau is located along or on Leman lake The view from the tower was impressive, we could see 360° panoramic view all over Lausanne, and some other cities. Delphine told me that the view from the tower is the best here Yuppiii ! I think I am really lucky, the weather has been fine since the end of August. In Germany, it had been cold and often rained, but when I think about Switzerland, it was awful... Hope this luck continue till the end of September
Thank you for letting me know the news, yep, the winning of LDP seem to be also big news here, we often saw the news on TV. It's very interesting to see news of Japan abroad, I can see the difference of the points of view. For me, it's favorable, because I don't have to see too much details of the election and I can get the core infomation. The reform post office goes through, and economic strongly grown, that's good for me hihi
Shirai sensei wrote me back, "You seem to be dilligent, " and I can take her project. Well, I think I had better take a or two classes about population, as you advised me, then I can get more point of view than the last semester.

Happy happy 

2005年09月13日(火) 3時57分
Wow, 5 days to see you! getting closer and closer, how nice to think about it is. Can't wait How are you? Hope you are allright, because you had really tough days in these days. Oh I really love you.. have missed you too much and now, feeling better. Do you know that I have felt asleep just thinking about you every night. That often makes me so emotional and hard to help breaking my heart, well, anyway, we have only 5 days more, so everything gonna be allright Tomorrow, Delphine is going out nearly all day, so I can write to you more. Usually not only I but also Delphine has to use the computer of course, so it's difficult to use often or long. So, I am looking foward to writing to you really. Love you

only 9 days left to see you! 

2005年09月09日(金) 20時14分
How nice, we have only 9 days left to see each other, I am soooo happy
Yes, I am now with Delphine and she is just the same as before, not only her warmness but also her looks, everything. She is so nice and kind, and especially funny
Around her house where I stay now, we can see large green field with many cows, sometimes horse, and only several houses. It's quite beautiful. Since I arrived here,
we went to city centre of Lausanne(today we are going later because Delphine has to go to hair dresser, to make her perfect for wedding!), did a picnic, went to a Zoo, cathedral, a tower from whose top we can look around all over Lausanne city.
I want to write more but I have to go now, she is waiting for me She has just asked me to say hello to you, and to show her your photo
Well, I will talk to you soon! with love, kisses, hugs,

I am so happy to hear from you much! 

2005年09月05日(月) 4時25分
Oh, I love you so much, even from witten words, I can feel you a bit closer...
Now I am in Switzerland and had a good time with Angela.
She is really nice and we went to many places together.
Today, we went to take a walk to a high mountain. It was brilliant!
I absolutely want to come here again with you. It will be wonderful.
Wow, do you think to live in Germany seriously? That would be nice, because
I also want to live there some day a bit long time with you, seriously.
Then we can travel around Europe very easily. I heard from some about traveling around Europe from bosses, and it sounded really nice. I was very envious.

Oh, now perhaps you are really busy on studying, wishing you all the best, and good luck. I feel sorry that you had to worry about the hotel in Wien, they are so stupid that they didn't realise the problem much earlier! Anyway, I really thank you
Well, tomorrow, I am leaving and I have to prepare to leave here now.
I love you, with kisses and hugs,

Love you 

2005年08月31日(水) 2時53分
I was very happy to hear your voice. Don't you think we could talk a bit longer than the last times? I found the best way at last... too late? perhaps... sorry
Today, I walked so long... from 10:00 in the morning till 17:00! Aha!
tomorrow, going to Köln to see a huge cathedral and perhaps chocolate factory.
When you came to German, did you taste the 75% cacao chocolates?
If you did, was it tasty for you? Because when I tasted it, I thought it is very tasty for me! and unique, perhaps. I have never seen them in Japan and some japanese friends told me, it's difficult to find one in Japan. But as you know lots of things and perhaps
you know some shops which sells the same things in Japan,,,
anyway, I bought some and hope you like it

It's quite confortable here, in Düsseldorf at this moment, but one of the bosses
in Dusseldorf branch of NSK told me, the fine weather is also the incident that
makes me feel confortable and atracted. I am so lucky! Hmm, wanted you to be here with me... well, I am enjoying myself seeing lots of interesting things but if you were here, the fun was million times than this
I cannot wait for 18th Sep... I miss you so much.
When I talk to you, it's very nice and happy but on the other hand, it makes me miss you too much and make me even sad. I cannot go the way of life without you,
I love you.

I've just arrived in Duesseldorf :-) 

2005年08月29日(月) 0時01分
Hi! How are you there? I'm now in Dusseldorf and already found a hotel, thanks to a japanese nice OJIICHAN When I got out the trainstation, I looked into a map but the map didn't show the trainstation clearly and difficult to find the hotel by myself.
I headed for a tourist information, but who imagine the tourist information was not open! even it's just 3 o'clock on sunday... well, I know, on sunday any shop is not open
but I think, tourist information has to open! I am angry! Well, The OJIICHAN talked me having no idea what to do in front of the tourist information, and took me to the hotel Ah, I will not forget this grateful memory

Hmm, it was a pity that I couldn't talk to you longer,,, sorry about that
I guess you've been with Shintaku-san
Hope he is also fine. Did you drink a lot? Hope you are ok!
I am staying here till 2nd September morning, and this internet cafe is next to my hotel!
So, I think I can write to you every day till 2nd September. It's only 2€ per hour. Cheap, isn't it?

Tomorrow, I am going to see a boss of Dusseldorf branch, NSK hld afternoon.
Hope it will be a fun for me

Dusseldorf is a quite big city and I like here very much. Well, to be honest,
when I am in Japan, I have thought I prefer country side but it's completely wrong,
when I saw tall modern buildings from ICE windows, I felt relax and kind of feel at home.
Hmm, so strange! I think I like Saarbruecken, but not so much. Because it's so different from our city and it takes me a bit long time to get used to living there.

Haha, I had a look at the page of the clothes! I don't want to wear them! No!
You are too adicted to HANSIN TIGERS!
Hmm, we have now only about half month to see each other, don't we?
I am glad to feel that time getting closer and closer
Missing you so much, too much... I love you.
Well, talk to you soon! with bln kisses, hugs

continue :-D 

2005年08月26日(金) 16時21分
ya, Shirai sensei has written to me and I wrote back to her. She told me, that my interest or my goal might be quite different from her project and to think about it again,
but as I am also interested in economics(because to increase employment rates, the fastest way is get better economic), perhaps I can get some keys or ideas through taking her projects, can't I? So, I wrote back to her, I would like to see her on 26th Sep(the next day I go back home, but she offered me the day)

Today is the last day and I haven't got lesson in the first period :-D
Now, I am going, tomorrow, I would like to call you again Can I?
Perhaps, in the afternoon in Japan. Looking forward to seeing you soon

Ah! about contact in Switzerland, well from 6th to 17th Sep, I am going to stay by one friend and I will tell you the address later
bln kisses and hugs

Wow, many things are going on around you 

2005年08月26日(金) 15時49分
It was really nice to hear your voince, but after that I missed you so much
I need you every moment How are you now?
Yesterday, I went to a good pizza restaurant which is the best here, told a teacher. We were more than ten people, from Spain, Italy, Poland, and there was only me from Japan, but very fun and pizza was tasty :-) it was only pity that I could eat less than half of that,,, too big! and after the meal, I gave sweets you sent me and they seemed to be very pleased and interested. Thank you very much
Oh, you sent me a lot and there are still half of them, you are too nice and kind!

Slovakia,,, I looked into a map and found it's next to Czech republic, but I have no idea what it's like. Well, as Matt told you so, perhaps you are going to search further information, aren't you? For me, when you went there and it's far away from Japan, I absolutely miss you, but if you can obtain a good experience and that gives you a chance to get a good place when you set up business? logistics? schools in China, that will be also a pleasure. Matt has also good points, and perhaps Kagawa sensei has some aims, or hopes(?). Well, I will be always on your side and want you to be happy as much as you can.


2005年08月22日(月) 20時56分
So, like Second best, it was really wonderful
We didn't have to stay on the ship such a long time and enjoyed beauiful scenery for 3 hours. Time was just adequate After we got to Mainz, we walked to main station, where we were going to see Alex. He invited us to his house and we could stay there night. Well, it was a great help and we were really grateful, but at the same time,
we were really nervous They did a BBQ outside and it was very tasty and nice.
After the dinner we went to city centre to do a small sightseeing in old city, Mainz.
I took a video, so you'll see lots of sceneries Perhaps on the train from Sarzburg to Wien? Ah,,, I cannot wait. Well, the last week in Germany has started.
That's great for me Today,I am going to look for a phone card again.
I heard that in some asian shops, there are phone cards I want to hear you...
Yesterday, we got on ICE! it was nearly gorgious and we were just impressed.
Of course, shinkansen is much faster than ICE, I guess, but the interior was really nice.
I am looking forward to getting on it again hihi !

Wow, glad to hear you enjoyed yourself with high school students.
Ya, it would be wonderful if Keio fencing team got such good, strong members!
If it comes true, it is just because of you, perhaps
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