Make a safety Children's Day for your child

May 23 [Mon], 2016, 17:41

With the coming of Children's Day,CNIS(China National Institute of Standar dization) issued the "results of protecting children's eyes from dangerous products".

From the research,most of parents knows partly of production will have a bad effect on eyes,but they do not give children's vision an examination.Master of CNIS(China National Institute of Standar dization)
said that this research has been operated by questionaire aimed at parents from 16 primary schools.

It is suggested that,96% of parents think computer and telephone are the source of damage.Meanwhile,85% of parents choose the television and laser pointer pen .As for the examination of eyes,there are only 41.4% of them will give regular examination for their child.Except that,11.6% of parents pay little attention to the instruction of product.

Laser Pen Shops

Master of CNIS(China National Institute of Standar dization) said that,the Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer ranking No.1 at the list of damage source.He said that ,laser pointer will release a heat effect which may cause heavy damage on eyes and skin.Because of the imaging features of the eye, when the laser arrives at eyes, it will be focused on the retina.In that case,an increasing temperature will come into being which will make a damage for the cells of retinal .

If they are burning laser pointers ,they will make a thoroughgoing damage once we do not blink immediately.

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