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January 25 [Fri], 2013, 11:25
The original church this pedestrian tents on the camp in the previous Qin sting and the false angel disappeared, I think that Green Mose is probably think, Qin stabbed them disappear in where, so it should be in where, on the pitch camp is about to come, until the Qin thorns they appeared again.But at the moment the delicate atmosphere mountainside area but with a point and the terrain Xianyao matching the original sect, all Christians sally forth in full strength to, Qi Qi surrounding this group of about a dozen people scale foreign Gang, the gang is not others, is the Vatican to Lara mountain people."The bishop, the original church heresy even than we first got the news, what do we do now?" Canada Goose Mens Freestyle Vest;It was a young man, identity is but a deacon of the church.But he spoke of the object, but not in general, because it has a red robe reveals his identity, which is second only to the Pope's " Nike Air Max ACG Mens Running Sale;cardinal" canada goose uk sale;, commonly known as the prince of the church.Promulgated by the Pope himself at the Vatican cardinal Institute, selection, and each Pope is from cardinal chosen successor.Of course, since the mid of thirteenth Century, after the Vatican cardinal began to wear red robes, a lot of people have this, call them "the cardinal".According to common sense, have such a distinguished identity of the cardinals, easily is not around.Because they no matter where, the believers will be alerted to the local church power extended to the sensational effect, is can hardly be avoided.Moreover, few can be something that they can travel.But now, in the legendary Noah's Ark finally parked Lara hill, suddenly appeared a cardinal, as long as there is a sensible man, it is not difficult to see that the existence of the."To have a look."Auerbach said calmly.Of course, for the young population of heresy, Auerbach is only in the heart smile.To him the position, heresy or not, actually is not to see their it and runs counter to the interests of.If the violation to the interest, then you are.While the original sect, clearly is against the interest and.But Auerbach was puzzled, he came here, is to receive the orders of the pope.While the Pope is because some staff organization the United States National revealed a message to the American people, their exploration staff are suspected of Noah's Ark remains on this mountain.They think this relationship to the sacred things, is not easily disposed of, will this news to the Pope, is selling the Vatican a good.In the face of such a message, how can the Pope.So, after school and cardinal Archbishop you consult, made to send staff immediately rushed to the Lara mountains that situation decision.And Auerbach as the 167 cardinals, one of the twelve cardinal archbishop, was elected as the person in charge of this operation, the handling of related issues on Lara hill is the remains of Noah's ark.For Auerbach, received such a command, is not worthwhile to excite.Because before, the Vatican has already sent out no less than dozens of dial by Cardinal Archbishop led the organization to here to dig related sites about Noah's ark, after all, the Bible, Noah's Ark ultimately parking places in the Lara mountains.Unfortunately, no matter which team, the final results are the same have gained nothing.Not only are they, over the years, do not know how much God to this, even the other sects also has dispatched personnel to this, we are all have gained nothing, even the Noah's Ark side have failed to touch.So, received such a command, to leave Auerbach, indeed is not a can let him excited or surprise.In other words, he was on the trip, did not hold out much hope.But, when he saw these primitive religion have had their first step here, he could not doubt, will inevitably be cautious."Do the Americans before the communication with the Pope, already leak the information to the original sect known.Or is the original church people even earlier than those of Americans now to Lara Hill news?"Whatever the result is what kind of, what is the reason, Auerbach's heart began to nervous.
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