China Medical Devices Industry M & A boom continued into the golden years

September 27 [Fri], 2013, 16:42
At the recent opening of the third China Medical Device Summit Forum, China Medical Devices Industry Association vice president, said Jiang Feng, China’s medical equipment industry is the best high-end equipment manufacturing industry the most essential part of future space large enough. “2012 industry output value Oral Syringe with CE of one thousand tens of billions, this is a serious underestimate our industry. scalp vein set Actually, conservative, our medical devices GDP is 3000 to 400,000,000,000 yuan, industrial sales of about 300 billion yuan. On this data , now the whole industry is very confident. “Peking University biomedical Materials and Tissue Engineering Center Director Xi Tingfei believes that medical devices of the next decade will be the golden years.
According to statistics, needle and syringe most medical devices are 2012 private equity and venture capital hypodermic needle industry segments of concern. Number of cases from the investment point of view, the number of transactions in the sector in 2011 was 2.58 times, the transaction amount is three times that in 2011, the total transaction amount of medical and health industry increased from 2.46% in 2011 to 17.51%. Entering 2013 , this trend continues. If this year on March 5, thousands of Ji Ventures announced the completion of Shanghai Sino Optical Endoscope Co. A round of financing. Prior to the January, another endoscope manufacturers – Nanjing is accepted minimally invasive Actis private equity vein syringe fund injections. Actis pointed out that China endoscopy syringe with needle supplies market in the next five years will achieve a 20% CAGR.
It is understood that the medical device field next hot new product development will be concentrated in the stomach pacemaker, silk artificial blood vessels, remote control capsule, cancer screening equipment and so on. Market is expected to 2015 Chinese medical device Retractable Safety Syringe market will reach $ 53.7 billion.