Only on thinking of the ambiguous action of two of them in daytime

December 09 [Fri], 2011, 17:36
ate and see together."Finish saying,Women's Shoes she turns to read a to think again:By so doing,Women's Shoes I can also lend this opportunity to arrive the business that the cold state checks sword Zhong,Women's Shoes so private affairs proper business two not mistake.
"The month of the Fei......"Night snow sword scar is some to disappointedly looking at her,Boots the quick glance catches sight of the smiling face of purple positive B Lin,Women's Shoes and the in the mind really isn't a taste.Only on thinking of the ambiguous action of two of them in daytime,High Heels the spirit doesn't beat a .
The purple positive B Lin remains the smile ground snow sword scar that looking at a night and is like to understand thoroughly his viewpoint and smile Be getting more brilliant more.But Fei the month and Xuan Xis didn't notice their facial expressions and at that moment had no speech.
"How to don't take a rest and sat to appreciate a month here?"The Fei month that is covered with a single dress very surprisedly looking at to sit night snows sword scars that appears losts in thought in the roof and doesn't understand that the ground asks a way.
"What about you and ascend roof to come why?"Night snow sword scar counter-questions her.
"Could not sleep,Women's Shoes come up deeply well ventilated."The month of the Fei also sat down and pulled to pull to cover with in the single dress on the body,Dress Shoes seemed is been infected by this peaceful atmosphere,Women's Shoes at ordinary times words not much of she unexpectedly continues to say,Occasions " before,Women's Shoes I slipped away roof to see the sky,Bridal shoes moon while liking to take advantage o a teacher sleeping......Feel that time oneself is happy pole."
"You and does your teacher live together?"
"Yes.I am 3 years old that year,Women's Shoes the home is sacked by the robber,Women's Shoes they kill people set fire,Boots whole family only my a person escaped out.I walked for three days and three nights,High Heels the teacher that finally is walked faster process in a piece of graveyard saved.Hence I became his disciple and followed his Xi Wu Lian Jian."
The night snow sword scar dynasty Fei mont
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