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December 05 [Wed], 2012, 10:57
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultBlack woke up cliffs and grilled mans face is not very good ,a surface sink rolls ,a pulling became quickly a donkey .
Lang Zhiyuan one against two ,two of them is a defeat .Although this can be reflected out technical strong ,but they face was Lang Zhiyuan to a hard boiled .In three cases of seven pulse religious elite before Men North Face Gore Tex Waterproof Clearance, is all a sovereign dignity .
The most hateful is behind Lang Zhiyuan ,sounds like a tongue in cheek ,but which is the subtext of the inquiry and wake up cliffs and grilled mango ,he Lang Zhiyuan is it right? Can reach a leader ? Ron suzerain so-called tactical indeed powerful .
Black woke cliff with a sneer ,he called in the two word intentionally bite is very heavy, is behind the words to make bedding, with even said: but who never saw combat ,although Ron suzerain moves are too similar to that of a book on the war skill ,but not confirmed before no one knows for sure .
I think ,or confirm .Later ,let . This is the use of drag character .Don for you is it right? Battle ability ,put it to dry up again ,back to my face won you can rely on Lang Zhiyuan for a month in can support a witch ?Fried mans though did not speak ,but obviously ,is also the default black up cliffs .
This time, absolutely cannot make any position .Lang Zhiyuan dark grunted ,how shall he do not come out and wake up cliff tone in meaning ,but since it has been show to this step, but now the moment I cannot compromise, must have the two field position, don waste hard for so long .
Once it breaks down ,later will not have such a chance . Can not be confirmed ?Oh ,it ,as the suzerain and grilled over ,we have another try, this time I slowly ,keeping can let two sure .
Lang Zhiyuan crafty said . It seems long suzerain on the founder care ,as far as mentioned it as very modest . The wake ya sneers .Lang Zhiyuan chuckled: it was not just the suzerain ,doubt me this tactics is genuine, I must let the metropolitan see more clearly ,of course ,if the metropolitan see, think that does not need to confirm ,that nature is not necessary to play again, after all, it is very hard work .
As the suzerain think again ,need to confirm again ? Lang Zhiyuan. And wake up with water into the cliff even heart ,this time also inevitably have anger ,began to phase ,staring straight flash ,cold stare at Lang Zhiyuan ,and in three the word is said through clenched teeth .
Hot cold awn also sing a track: watching others . Day case and star in Ma Ziran as his suzerain ,the smoke taste even when they confront each other with daggers ,which does not know the epistasis between subtext are easily smell out ,at the first time around in their natural mother side ,Lang Zhiyuan angry .
But the month in that group of people outside the church in autumn ,others are surrounded in Lang Zhiyuan side ,this time ,the camp was made clear .Although Lang Kun hid the tactical things have complained ,but with the father of your truth he could understand .
If the father can surmount the Bishop position ,that his sons ,multiplier value does not say, also many benefits .So in recognizing the situation ,know some words father not convenient ,timely opening: how ?You want to openly and our ancestor rules against ,or your day and star Zong wanted to break away from the witch keep house ? Lang Kun said ,look around : seven powers UGG Australia Dakota Shoes,by this time, you still couldn the situation ?To combat those palm witch ,this is the ancestor set the rules, you want to betray the seven veins ancestor rules .
If it is still unclear situation ,be careful later religious unity UGG Australia Triplet,you will have to suffer .Joan ,since you are a saint for the white lotus ,should know what is your job ? It is threatened by red fruit .
Even in the last sentence, Lang Kun do not reflect the snow deer deer ,but Xue Qin spines .Apparently ,he bear grudges against Qin .But now this situation ,Lang Kun the menace ,but no one dare not in mind .
Seven pulse to three cases for the respect, now three ,day and Hoshimune Chengchi rope, but the month cases though weak, but on the case of metropolitan Lang Zhiyuan has mastered the skill in battle ,both sides measure up ,let a person really hard .
Other six-pulse does not say, only deer reflecting snow is extremely hesitant ,she naturally know what are the responsibilities of the saint .If Lang Zhiyuan did become the leader, she is bound to this when the wife ,but there is actually a white lotus ,founder of appendages .
Moreover ,in three cases a seven lotus veins ,strength of the most vulnerable ,they can party strife ,is ,in case of unknown ,deer reflecting snow not choose, also dare not to gamble ,but do not know how to answer .
Joan ,you still hesitant what ? Lang Kun became harsh ,apparently ,he wanted to take the weakest Bailian vein surgery plays a leading role ,and the remaining six pulse for months ,that they were there and in Xingzong Jiaoban strength .
And Lang Zhiyuan also holds the combat such advantage ,as long as the balance of power ,the light on this advantage ,can easily climb the founder ,not from day and star in it .Yes, I am.
Deer reflecting snow would only say that half was interrupted ,talk is not others ,is the Qin .Qin thorn subtle smile said : Lang Kun ,your father can become a leader ,you so anxious for him to recruit men ? Lang Kun has changed ,he is hated Qin thorn ,but with a little afraid, after all, Qin Ciyin month day cadaveric identity but he saw it, and together with the original exploration of the hidden loopholes of the caves ,Qin thorn has shown strength indeed amazing .
It can be said that the entire white pulse can be ignored ,but the man cannot be ignored .But now, since my father repair combat skills, demonstrated the power and so powerful ,one against two one strokes on retreated two sovereign class master ,is ,with this powerful backer ,Lang Kun was not taboo what ,that may not be a sneer : I donre Bazan or Qin thorn, here can be no talking .
You are something ,but just a little white people ,my disciples ,witch exist for so many years ,set the rules are not many, but all are golden laws and precious rules cannot be changed .
Since you are my religious man ,should know the rules ? I know the rules ,but it also depends on who . Saying here ,Qin stab will no longer hide ,slowly row out in public ,people puzzled eyes have to insist on both sides, and then stood on this side and awn ,which is equal to the clear attitude and Lang Zhiyuan both father and son in the opposite .
Autumn month in his church it is now homeless, back months were clearly impossible ,had been previously break with Lang Zhiyuan, as Lang Zhiyuan ,they could not return month case .But to other assembled channels ,now is not the time ,rather than follow the Qin thorn ,after all these people know Qin stabbed at his strength ,it is more appropriate .
Then ,a lead in late autumn ,the months were the people together to Qin . Deer saint, who represents you white pulse attitude ? Lang Zhiyuan slightly squinted ,looking blankly snow deer .
Deer reflecting snow also did not think of Qin thorn suddenly this comes up ,it can take a stand in the white lotus live ,if said Qin stabbed representative is their attitude ,it said they lotus a stand in the day and star in the side ,if take that attitude ,it will in that case the side stand in the month .
The situation is now uncertain ,choose which side has risk ,deer characters originally wanted to wait ,but Qin thorn this early, he forced her to have to make a choice .In the deer reflecting snow embarrassed, Qin thorn suddenly sound .
His faint smile: Lang suzerain, I represent my own ,it doesn and white pulse .But one thing I am very curious ,Lang home say repeatedly repeatedly says he is in the line of God gap of combat skills, it seems you are not in conflict with what ah ,one before and one mouth ,what do you say you have no possible collusion bloodline ? ,what is your identity ,I need to explain to you ? Lang Zhiyuan a cold well .
Lang Kun is with his father in the voice sneer: how ,in our month were hidden so long time ,now turn oppositely, you also very be in the right and self-confident .? Qin thorn indifferently : what say you are good ,I also want to ask Lang over you, since you said they have mastered the tactics ,ha ha ,unfortunately in under the tactical rather know ,how do I look like ,Lang home not used by combat skills ? Lang Zhiyuan didn take Qin barbed words at heart ,he perceived the battle ability but very confident ,laughed and she said : young, tone is not small, I will give you a chance to speak .
I like to ask ,what do you know about tactics ?What do you say I am not combat skills ? Qin thorn squinted ,now is a laugh ,said : let ,words alone are no proof. I think and Lang ,sovereign sometime ,so that is more clear for all to see, why do I say that Lang home not used by combat skills .
Eh? Lang Zhiyuan frowned ,and then cooling channel : why you have a death wish . Standing in the Qin thorn beside mount is a variable and complexion ,a Qin Thorn : small brother ,what are you doing? Qin thorn pendulum waved fine ,eye rotation ,but just see deer and deer consonance both at the same time reflecting snow projection to worry and surprised and puzzled look .
Ron suzerain, please ! Qin thorn faint smile .Lang Zhiyuan a cold well, all of a sudden ,clear air again strange appeared a bright moon ,a moonlight force began to surround Lang Zhiyuan .
Previously everyone has seen a Lang Zhiyuan into the combat scene when the juggernaut ,the scene is still fresh ,the show again ,all nature is shunned ,time ,ground to Qin thorn and Lang Zhiyuan as the core of the place vacated by a large place .
Either know or do not know someone is Qin ,began this suddenly again and ask to play Lang Zhiyuan young was worried .Lang Zhiyuan had but one against two ,move within day and lost star in metropolis ,this young man was just a little white a disciple ,even if the previous Lang Zhiyuan said what the other silver moon day corpse ,also not necessarily can take tactics ?It did not have a death wish ?But soon ,the public away from Lang Zhiyuan ,were all attracted by the Qin thorn ,even Lang Zhiyuan looked horrified color .
Because now the Qin spines ,and also started to electro-optical shining world ,free of thunder and lightning force began in the Qin thorn aches together ,as Lang Zhiyuan convergence moonlight force generally ,Qin Cisuo shown, is clearly a combat skills .
He could battle skills? All the people lifted up such a question .While the broiling awn and black up cliff is simultaneously a hi, Lang Zhiyuan relied on battle ability aggressive person ,situation already to brook no delay touch point ,it must need a solution approach ,Qin thorn ,then let them see the hope ,even on Qin Cideng founder who they are care about ,in short ,this Lang Zhiyuan is absolutely not .
. Strong Presbyterian muttered to himself North Face Mens Vest Outlet.Black woke cliff head asked: he ? Strong Presbyterian bowed: mother ,I and Joan had a white God gap was vampire attacks ,critical moment, suddenly a Lei Guang sparkle fist suddenly appears, just let me so tired .
The Quanshi and wherein move heaven and earth force ,much like the classics recorded skill in battle .Later we will find the to Quanshi UGGs Bomber,found a ancient method ,blight and after many days ,until finally the people inside out ,is the young man .
At that time, see he is white students ,and he did not admit to repair combat skills, so I think out to someone else .Until this battle when Lang Zhiyuan broke its own technology ,I thought it was him, but Lang Zhiyuan surging moonlight and the thunder light shining scene is not the same .
Now ,it is the young man at the time when rescued me and the saint ,he is the only one who repair the tactics people . Black woke cliff smiled ,visual field two men rising momentum ,the heart does not know in what thoughts about .
Moonlight slash ! Clap of thunder. Two voice sounded almost at the same time ,as the thunder in the sand dunes between continuous undulating ,and subsequently ,a thunder light shining fist and an arc moonlight marks severely impact together .
The ferocious moonlight .Although the continuous superposition moonlight force ,but it is not the real combat ,both a touch ,the thunder light shining fist hard hit in the moonlight marks ,suddenly ,all of the moonlight force slide dissolve ,dispersed again for the power of heaven and Earth spread to world .
Control of moonlight force as a general under Lang Zhiyuan ,the color white ,a blood spit it out ,at the same time ,the sky a bright moon also suddenly disappear .But Qin thorn Quanshi did not stop ,still with shining ray light hard hit in the case of Lang Zhiyuan ,fortunately, moonlight force offset the fist many strength ,otherwise ,the blow ,Lang Zhiyuan very difficult not to fly ash annihilation .
! Another blood sprayed in the air, Lang Zhiyuan straight flying back ,as previously the broiling awn and black up cliffs ,deep into the sand dunes, be thrown into a panic .But this time ,Qin thorn is not very good, the distance a tactical but only less than a month ,although almost nursed back to health improvement, but in the short term and then was so powerful ,to his great consumption of soul .
Combat skills ! Combat skills ! ... ... A sound alarm sounded, this moment ,no doubt ,that a lightning force was the greatness is still Lang Zhiyuan Moonlight force on it, but the move heaven and earth to make striking force .
We look to the sting eyes were changed ,no one will think he is just an ordinary white disciples ,to repair the tactics ,it would mean that he has become a qualified leader . Sister ,he .
.. ... How did he battle skills? You are a god gap gave birth to what ? The deer said surprised side reflecting snow asked deer .Snow deer reflecting face complex ,shook his head and said : don ,I don know his battle skills .
So ,but deer reflecting snow felt some slight chuckle to oneself ,although she didn know what behind . You ... ... How could you also encounter Ji ? Lang Zhiyuan gray from the sand dunes in the drilling out of fear ,for gaze Qin .
Ron suzerain say interesting, will this nadir only you under a worthy of learning tactics ? Speak not Qin thorn, but black up cliff ,the star in the patriarchate, always have a sting in the tail like .
Now see the arrogance to Lang Zhiyuan now finally have flat ,but he is at heart feel good . Yes ,but you and word wrong, my brother just but thorn said ,for you are not true combat skills .
Fried mans also rare for a cavity .Lang Zhiyuan seemed to be a Qin prick punches with abnormal behavior ,shook his head said: impossible ,impossible ... ... Black woke up at Lang Zhiyuan cliff like felt great joy, it was happy, his mind appeared a more nausea, Lang Zhiyuan thought ,it usually he speak over in one a ,export it cannot reveal any flaws or to his own disadvantage .
But this time ,perhaps too much fun ,mouth soon thoughts to say it out . Ron suzerain, I remember you ,but always put us in front of the witch ancestor rules to move out .Now you don ?Even if the set of candidate, leader ,also not you .
Do not know how long religious idea ? Black woke cliff guffawed .Sunburn is a mans eyes .He also knows ,the situation today so full, I witch three seven veins even temporarily subsided ,perhaps later were unable to gather the heart, even secretly fear will dry on the real thing .
In this way ,will be split situation witch was originally a sentence cut one another ,with each stroke of more serious situation .Such a situation and mount may not care ,but the key is ,Lang Zhiyuan has made this is similar to the tactical movements ,if no one can be suppressed ,as the rise of Lang Zhiyuan ,three in the situation of tripartite confrontation will be neutralized ,month case will row in day case and star in front .
Unless ,they can pull to Qin .But Qin thorn had entered it ,according to the teaching rules ,a day into teaching ,life will be the one assembled channels in person ,that is to say ,the sting may not join them ,but also to the importance of Qin thorn ,on the day or is placed on the star were not properly .
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