Without any illuminative excess replica Hublot Watches were born

August 10 [Sat], 2013, 12:23
Hublot Big Bang 'wrist was born today. This is the most iconic will HUBLOT table design and brand completely independent production Big Bang 'movement of perfect fusion. The guide pin wheel timer movement completely by Hublot table factory careful design, research and development and manufacturing, have double the level of the clutch, the dial on the side is clearly visible. This will be the Big Bang, Hublot Replica, Swiss Replica Hublot Watches UK, King Power of the King and supreme Masterpieces masterpiece after new products -- Big Bang ', in 2013 the Basel show to formally set sail.

The Big Bang, 'with a 45. 5 mm diameter casing, reveal fashionable machinery appearance, table circle from 6 H screw locking, fashionable design, clever and more highlight technology (each bolt at the top of the more distinct, can choose polishing or inferior smooth effect of modified). In the new BiaoGuan design. New screw-plug BiaoGuan, by pressure molding of natural rubber bag, decorated with derived from screw shape at the end of the classical H "logo. For the first time since the Big Bang was born in 2005, using the radio buttons. Each button by integration of the central button protection device, such as engine piston lubrication is flexible. Distinct edges and Hublot table classic "sandwich" structure preserved in the casing design. And a major optimization made strap attachment: the famous "one-click" switch function, make the wearer can quickly switch in all kinds of strap - each watches are equipped with fellow new diamond structure of natural rubber strap, and the whole dial one integrated mass, bring out the best in each other. Hollow out dial make precision timer 'guide pin wheel movement is clearly visible, take in everything in a glance, dial with Arabic numerals are redesigned, more show hollow out, luminous coating. Not only that, two timing small dial is surrounded by polishing rings, one minute dial located at 3 o 'clock position, small second Hublot timing dial located at 9 o 'clock position, pane shows the same calendar at 3 o 'clock position. Pointer passed to modify process, two stages facet luminous coating.

autonomous movement is Hublot timing movement's http://www.shakaproductions.com/replica-omega-watches.html most iconic meaning, also choose this kind of movement. It completely by Hublot, engineers, and micro mechanic watchmaker, independent design, development, manufacture and assembly. As a has a fly back timing function of machine, it can be reset at any time, especially in unique design is a movement in watchmaking double button at the side of the dial integrates structure level, date display, with double clutch unique positioning and the famous "guide pin wheel".

Completely original method and in the process of research and development to break the traditional framework of thinking achievement 'machine is different. For example, the timing device is directly driven by a clockwork box, and the timing clock internal structure does not exist in the location bar. This simplification, improves the reliability and stability. Escapement forks made of silicon material and the escape wheel fixed on a mobile platform, and silicon light quality guarantee its operation performance. In order to further increase the robustness movement, the most simplified structure adopted in 330 parts, this is a technical department, laboratory and after-sales service, and other departments, for the first time since 2009 'movement on the calibration results. 4 Hertz (28800 / per hour) of vibration frequency and perfect processing to ensure the high quality of this time clock. In addition, including cutting, stone installation, lubrication and numerous automated production assembly step more to ensure the stability of movement quality and strict control of quality standards shakaproductions. Dynamic storage about 72 hours.

To sum up, the whole watch the conception and design of DNA HUBLOT watches: sports, performance, high-tech express incisively and vividly. All design with fashion, practical and rational for the principle, without any spare parts.
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