February 03 [Tue], 2009, 9:05

My beautiful cat so called nekito


February 06 [Fri], 2009, 11:19

This ugly thing I am I! But lametablemente am like that! This one is a sign for my little brother ryu that I adore with all my being

Thought of the day :

The dreams are alone images that take place in our mind. The dreams change according to what the person wants. But the one who says that the alone dreams are in our mind? In one it initiated only it is it, words or thoughts that the wind takes them to him but if we fight and advance always it had ahead without leaving ourselves to tread for nobody, with we will follow that these images and these words, they should take form and should harden, in order that they make real. I that we all can obtain what we want, and that nobody says to us that we cannot, since we are those who more know our limits and what really we want. That each one follows his way.

My name is kyuChan 

February 07 [Sat], 2009, 3:47

Finally there is a photo that I like! I adore her for my lenses of contacts! Though my eyes meet rare !

I believe that I am going to go mad! But prometi that not hare not stupid at all nor rash in a good time

Paranoia :

We are not anybody, only we are like a small ant in this world, and a small star that shines in this infinite universe. And nobody manages to see to the small things, since they are so small that the pupil of our eyes does not manage to see. But if we manage to shine with own light, and the alone one can be that sufficient light and voice does not produce in order that they hear her and see her, but if we manage to join and to do a solid chain to us, we will be able to produce the sufficient light in order that the others could see us, so in this world and in this immense universe, we are not
alone. The universe is like the sea, with innumerable fish if you continue swimming and do not stop you were finding that fish, to that person who will understand you and it was swimming close to you. You are not so small and insignificant since you think yourself. To if that continues swimming, and it continues fighting for what you are. Do not give up yourself.

GoodBay !
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