October 30 [Thu], 2008, 22:55
Tomorrow is Halloween, yay~~!!!

I have already decorated our house but need some more too!

Later today I'll make so of the things I'm gonna serve at the party

Only problem is, what movie we are going to watch.. Because everybody else has seen Corpse Bride but me and it can be seen from tv at Saturday..
I was thinking about Cloverfield.. but.. no.. Charlie and the chocolate factory would be nice too but everyone has seen it and it's pretty childish..

I guess we just have to watch the classic - The Nightmare before Christmas

Fireworks at Lake Michigan ♪♪ 

October 26 [Sun], 2008, 2:15

Yesterday I went to American Diner to eat cheeseburgers with my mom The restaurant is like an American diner from the 50's!

For desert I ate chocolate milkshake
It had whip cream and a cherry on it!

There were also Halloween decorations already!

I can't wait for my own Halloween party~ (≧∇≦)

かわいいね~~ ♪♪ 

October 24 [Fri], 2008, 0:10

My cell phone! And current phone strap!

At school 

October 23 [Thu], 2008, 18:02
Mitapa muutakaan koulussa tekisin kuin dataisin?

Meidan kuvistunnilla ei ole kuin kolme oppilasta nii ei oikeen voi teha mitaa !!

Taal vaan soi thriller~

oisin halunnu oman ipodin soimaan muttakun en jaksa/kehtaa laittaa kun on vaa japanilaista musaa ^^ MIKA ON HYVAA!!



October 22 [Wed], 2008, 4:02

At Maruseki we (Nene&I) ate yakisoba!

Then we went to Spice Ice and ate chocolate ice cream~
We had fun afternoon (^▽^)b

bad girl 

October 21 [Tue], 2008, 19:50
I skipped school todaay~ to be with Nene~ But yet we haven't done anything else than chatted on MSN!!

We're going to downtown but it's raining!

We'll eat at the Japanese restaurant Maruseki~

I'm so ugly so no pictures tooday~~


P.s. I'm tired even tho I woke up 11AM


October 21 [Tue], 2008, 3:22

:日本、生活、旅行、ファッション、ギャル、マンガ、ピンクの色、ショッピング、 映画、音楽、パラパラ、車、装飾、電話のストラップ

: Amy Winehouse、嵐、浜崎あゆみ、Beyonce、 Gwen Stefani、 Hilary Duff、 倖田來未、News、 Panic at the disco、 宇多田ヒカル、伊藤由奈


first post! 

June 26 [Thu], 2008, 0:18
My name is Nora, I'm 17 years old and from Finland.
This is my yaplog, but I'm not sure what to write about yet..
I will do a small - or big - introduction post when I get the inspiration!
Please wait till then~ Byebye~

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