Cupcakes (and a little change to my wishlist) 

August 14 [Fri], 2009, 12:08
Hello everybody!
A few days ago I cooked cupcakes!
And now I'm thinking about selling them, because there're a good business~
I hope to be lucky!

Because I bought a cute and pretty blouse, I change my wishlist:

First Place: Kuromi Shoulder Bag

Second Place: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Socks

Third Place: Anna House Fashion Shoes (can be changed)

Fourth Place: Emily Temple Cute Skirt

Bodyline Desing Contest 

August 09 [Sun], 2009, 3:29
I'm participating in the Bodyline's desing contest, I've uploaded only one desing but I'm doing more~

I used the image of my Dress Up Game, because I'll love to have that skirt
My entry

And work in progress:

Dress Up Game - update 

July 15 [Wed], 2009, 11:46

I did 10 new skirt for my Lolita dress up game!
In the corners there are two buttons 'Back' & 'Next', move your mouse around and you'll see!

Dress Up Game 

July 10 [Fri], 2009, 0:44

Yay! I'm doing a super Lolita dress up game
Lots of skirts, blouses, dresses and accesories!
I began yesterday, I did these cute skirts:

Please don't use these images ^_^


July 05 [Sun], 2009, 6:19
Well, this my wishlist, is so hard to do it, because there are many things that I want

First Place: Bodyline Blouse

Second Place: Bodyline Shoes

Third Place: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Socks

Fourth Place: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Ribbon Shoes

Fifth Place: Emily Temple Cute Skirt

What's Lolita? 

July 05 [Sun], 2009, 4:28
And, what's Lolita for you?
To me, is like a game, is like going running by pink grasslands singing, like with a jump arrive to the space and dive in a strange and brilliant darkness, is something so magic, is like to be someone totaly diferent and at the same time be me, play to be a pirate, maquinist, flower, princess and all the funny things of the world. Is a so real dream. Is a brush, which you can color the gray world. Is a rainbow of the imagination to the body. Is to be covered by everything. Is the fantasy more real that you can have. Is an infinite tea time whit top hats and bunnies. Is a world in constant darkness and light. Is a fountain overflowing of blood and strawberry juice. Is pain and pleasure mixed in the golden witch's cauldron. Is a wish come true with a magic touch. Is many things. Is life.

Hello! :D 

May 16 [Sat], 2009, 13:59
It was a long time...

I yaplog emoticons, for any reason ...

See... A was run between the s, and suddenly a big appear and killed the

Well, I'm boring -.-

Today I'm singing 'Do re mi'
Doe! a deer a female deer...
Ray! a drop of golden sun...
Me! a name, I call myself...

See you!

Magic series!! 

July 30 [Wed], 2008, 0:34
The english site of Angelic Pretty now have the Magic Series!
Are really beautiful, but, I didn't think that I use these...
It isn't important...
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