Beautiful autumn park

April 10 [Wed], 2013, 14:52

mulberry bag School autumn garden is really beautiful, ah!
Into the Autumn Garden, the first thing that catches the eye is a row of neat orange trees. They are like seriously guard escort to protect our autumn garden. A tree covered with Xiao Juzi. From afar, a Xiao Juzi looming in the lush green leaves, as if in the hide-and-seek with us! Closer inspection, Xiao Juzi some green, some green and yellow, and some become golden brown in the sunshine, bright, bright, and really likable. Leaned a smell the unique sweet incense of an orange suddenly nostrils.
The Autumn Garden the middle there is a tall maple. The girl blowing autumn leaves are dyed red, mulberry outlet like a cloud of fire that burn the hearts of the children. Burst autumn breeze, issued the "sound of the rustling leaves danced a merry dance. The dance too exert oneself, some Maple tree mother left, like an only red butterflies dancing in the wind, my eyes tightly attract reluctant to leave.
The bell rang Qiuyuan suddenly become crowded, some children in shuttlecock kicking game, only a shuttlecock at their feet dancing merrily; Some children on a swing, I saw them for a while from time to time came the laughter of joy; some children jumping rope game, one by one they summon the enthusiasm, quickly jumping, smiling face becomes red ... The bell rang and Autumn Garden restored quiet only to hear the sound of the waves of loud reading echoes in the autumn garden.
Ah! mulberry uk love the beautiful autumn garden more love beautiful autumn!
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