Zwei - Movie Star 

January 15 [Thu], 2009, 1:37
'ellooo~~ love this Zwei's song ! >3<
i've been such a busy ._____. and right now i'm sick ._____. i have fever and i can tell that this sucks ! D:: 'cause we have deadline on friday and then my www-side should be ready. that's our schoolwork. and i'm sick and i can't do it in time .____.

my last budgie just died. he's name was Snowball cause he was albino~ but it's like 1 and half week when that happens and i'm still kinda sad i have had budgies like over 6 years so . . .

hmmm what else . . . soon i clear away some space in my room so i can get my dancegame there ! and soon i get hair extension and i dye them pink ^O^/

and yeah i soon (maybe 2 month after) start my ganguro season ! can't wait that ! but my boyfriend don't like the idea XD but that's his problem :9

keep rockin' !

oh why my english have to suck this much TT^TT 

December 17 [Wed], 2008, 0:51
'elloo~~ !! >o i saw exist trace in live !! {ラブ} and sincrea ! and gari and and and gaah i'm too lazy to write them all >XD tiihii my boyfriend is vietnamese and he is really good at cooking !! *Q* and btw now i have DECIDE IT !! i will cosplay waka @ animecon '09 !! yep yep ! i will start write again here yep this is new style of me ! soon i will get nosepiercing !! *Q*

for long time 

July 09 [Wed], 2008, 19:39
huh, so many things have happen so I have forget to write here.. sorry.. but I have some good news! I will become media-assistant!! and like half week ago was Miyavi's () show!! i'm so happy and i also bought Danger Gang's single - Retsu!! and of course Miyavi's new cd!! now I only wait DG's new cd what will release 7/21!! can't wait! but have a good time, huh? {スマ {スマ {スマ


June 23 [Mon], 2008, 20:21
Lot of things have happen. I get there!! I will become media-assistant!! Feel good ~ And soon is also Miyavi~ I'm gonna die there... Today I colour my hair pink again And I also took couple pic for my friend Everybody have great time x3


June 18 [Wed], 2008, 21:04
Bact to home~ I had fun. It's nice to see kins for loooong time. Shopping!!!
Looove it! I noticed that I'm become emo~ {スマ

I like this portrait. We went at caf? and this was on the wall and I have to take a pic!

I drank this juice almost all the time, but it was so good~ And it have lots of vitamin
I love take a pic of flowers cause they're so pretty
I bought HCP those pink things I don't know what they are in english xDD And I bought "Bad Girls Club"!! And emo t-shirt! And other stuff~ Omigosh!! MAC!! I bought MAC's eye shadow!! I wanted it so bad and finally I got it!!
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Yo, i'm 16 year old - soon 17 !!! My number 1 fav bands are Miyavi, Danger Gang & Exist trace. But my fav bands are many many so i don't list them >D haha.

I love brands like Hellcat punks, Sex pot, Listen Flavor etc~~

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