monster beats pro high performance professional white headphones

April 19 [Thu], 2012, 8:42
You must have noticed how your friends are all praising their Joye 510. monster beats pro high performance professional white headphones monster beats pro high performance professional white headphones
This must have made you yearn one for yourself too. Getting an electronic cigarette is a great thing. But to get the maximum pleasure from it, you need to use it properly. Your Joye kit will continue to give you optimal utility if you know how to handle it. Here are some tips on using your Joye so that you too can be a proud owner of this much coveted brand of electronic cigarette. The assembly processFollow the instruction manual to assemble your electronic cigarette. Unpack the components carefully. First charge your batteries then screw the atomizer in to the battery then you may insert the cartridge into the atomizer and the device is ready for use. How to use the gadgetYou then will press the button on the battery which will light the LED on the end of the battery and activate the atomizer which will vaporize the liquid contained in the cartridge. You will then inhale the vapor. When finished with the drag you will lift your finger off of the button until you wish to take another puff. If you are using an automatic battery, the same would happen automatically when you draw on the electronic cigarette and it will turn off the battery automatically after working fo5 seconds continuously. This occurs to save the atomizer and battery from overheating. When the battery LED light starts flashing continuously, the battery is notifying you that the battery requires a charge. If you are carrying an extra battery or you have a battery stored in your PCC, you may screw on a new battery on to the atomizewhile the other battery is charging. If the amount of vapor reduces or if you get a burnt taste, your cartridge is running low on liquid. It is highly recommend that you top off your cartridge or replace your cartridge with a full one often to have consistent satisfying puffs. Charging the batteryThe battery can be charged through a car charger, home charger or a USB port on a computer. Always charge the battery fully to optimize the batteries performance. You will know when your battery is charged by watching the indicator lights on the charger. The lights will change from red to green. When the light turns green you know the battery has been thoroughly charged. Precautions for chargingYou should take care of several things while charging the battery. Never place the charger near any high temperature heat source. • Do not leave the battery in a hot car. It is not good for the battery to be stored in a place that is very hot or very cold. The charger that comes with the Joye 510 is meant only to charge Joye battery. Never use it for any other purpose. When using the Joye 510 charger make sure that it does not emit any odor or get excessively hot. Also look out for any deformity or abnormal functioning of the battery. In such rare cases, you should stop using beats pro high performance professional black headphones monster beats pro high performance professional black headphones
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