some don't react

April 17 [Tue], 2012, 13:27
Things don't always work out as planned; as a matter of fact, they rarely beats solo hd high definition on ear black headphones monster beats solo hd high definition on ear black headphones
I think most of us are clearly aware of that yet when faced with adversity, particularly in a business situation; some don't react in the most positive way. Actually, some people completely lose their cool and become hostile, aggressive and demeaning. When reactions sink to this level, it tells others that this might be their default mode for handling all stressful situations. The inability to deal with challenges means you cannot provide the best service to your clients nor promote tranquility and teamwork amongst your peers and employees. Plainly, you fail as a leader. I recently worked with a vendor to finance a project for their client. I communicated regularly with the client and vendor at each step of the way while executing the numerous documents a business finance normally requires. The process calls for patience and an open communication channel so everyone knows the status. If you have ever refinanced your home, then you know what I'm talking about. At the end of the deal, the vendor became very impatient insisting that the lender inspect the work performed so they could get paid. This phase can take several days to a week yet after the second day, the vendor called me to threaten the lender with taking their business elsewhere. The vendor lost their composure, reacted poorly and alienated me and the lender with their antics. What was gained by this behavior? Nothing, what was lost? The trust of all parties involved which will never again work together. In business, you will find yourself with all types of issues like work being finished late, the slow processing of documents, poor execution, schedules not meeting deadlines, etc. The success we achieve in business and as leaders will be determined directly on how we learn to cope with inevitable issues and how well we improvise. Will blowing up, venting to everyone around us and chewing out the most convenient person build trust, integrity and good will for your reputation and company?monster beats solo high performance on ear white headphones monster beats solo high performance on ear white headphones
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