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April 16 [Mon], 2012, 14:06
Remember the first time you experienced watching a 3D movie?monster powerbeats sport headphones white monster powerbeats sport headphones white
Was it the Spy Kids? Or was it another movie that was premiered a long time ago? Before you experience the wonders of a 3D movie, you are given 3D glasses. Later you will know why it is a necessity in watching 3D pictures. We know you enjoyed every scene because everything leaps out from the screen and it makes you feel that the things on the screen are just beside you. If there's a scene that the bomb is going to explode, you move as if it will include you in the explosion. That is an amazing experience that 3D movies give you. But did you every wonder how it became possible to produce a 3D figure? Let's check out why. THE PAST3D glasses with red and blue lenses are required in a 3D viewing experience because special photographs called anaglyph images are applied to it, creating an illusion of depth. In the past, two different cameras are used to produce anaglyph images, one having a red filter and the other one having the blue filter. Not long ago, filtering is done with an Adobe Photoshop or a similar processing program. To form an anaglyph image or a single picture, the images are combined. 3D glasses are used because without it, images will appear blurry and discolored in the naked eyes. Our brains our tricked into seeing 3D image by just using red and blue lens because each eye sees a slightly different image. When our eye is covered by a red lens we see the red as white and when our other eye is covered by a blue lens we see the blue as black. This difference imitates what each eye would see in reality, as with most 3D technology. 3D AT THE PRESENTNow, with innovative technology, 3D glasses use the phenomenon of polarization where more accurate color viewing is allowed. We can show you a simple representation of polarization. Think of a 4 meter long ribbon used by gymnasts. If you hold the ribbon on one end and move your arms up and down, it will generate vertical waves that also move up and down. This wave is what we call vertically polarized. The same effect goes when you hold the ribbon at one end and move it from left to right, it will generate waves we call horizontally polarized. Light is a wave composed of electric and magnetic fields that vary in time and it can also be made to be vertically or horizontally polarized. Like with anaglyph images, special glasses are required to see these new 3D movies. Only vertically polarized light is allowed to pass through one lens and only horizontally polarized light is allowed to pass through the other lens. Two slightly different images are showed by two projectors using light polarized in one or the other direction. With this, a different image is viewed by each eye: just like what you can see in real life. Much more lifelike images is produced by using the polarization. 3D INCORPORATED IN TELEVISIONSThere is what we call stereoscopic imaging system and it works by creating two images of each scene where one image of the scene is seen by the person's left eye and the other image is seen by the person's right eye. These two images are what we call a stereo pair. The stereoscopic imaging system must make the left eye to only see the image for it and the right eye to see the other image. To make it possible for televisions, a special illumination pattern and optics is placed behind the LCD screen. It makes columns of pixels in an alternate fashion which is visible to the left and right eyes when you are watching the television. Left and right stereo pairs are displayed on alternate columns of pixels on the LCD. As an example, if the television to be produced is 1024x768 resolution, a complete set of each stereoscopic image includes 512 columns and 768 rows. Both halves of a stereo pair are displayed at the same time and directed to the corresponding eyes. This is made possible with the help of a special illumination plate located behind the LCD. The illumination plate optically generates a network of very thin, very bright, uniformly spaced vertical light lines of 512 by using light from compact and intense light sources. With respect to the pixel columns of the LCD, the lines are accurately spaced. The left eye sees all of these lines through the odd columns of the LCD while the right eye sees lines through the even columns. With the combined mechanism that is happening, the viewer is allowed to perceive the image in three dimensions. Now, we know how 3D images are possible with just a click to turn the TV beats by dr dre tour with controltalk high performance in ear headphones white monster beats by dr dre tour with controltalk high performance in ear headphones white
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