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April 14 [Sat], 2012, 10:21
Dear Golfer, If you ever feel discouraged or hassled on the golf course,monster beats by dr dre studio red sox edition headphones monster beats by dr dre studio red sox edition headphones
consider using a secret, underused weapon to help you re-focus and nail your next shot. The weapon? Music. Music is one of the quickest and easiest ways to alter your moodDisco Dick' (pro golfer Richard Zokol) was one of the first pros to use music to calm his nerves. Disco Dick started using a Walkman on the PGA tour way back in 1982, when mental toughness training was a pretty new concept. According to Dick, using a Walkman on the course back then "... was like showing up on the tee with a shaved head, body piercing and tattoos--it was pretty radical. "Radical, but effective. Dick says that, "Sam Snead taught me to smell the roses between shots and so, after every shot, I'd put the headphones on. It was soothing and blocked out the pressure. Next thing I know, I'm seven under and leading the tournament. "1Sylvie Bernier, who won Olympic gold in diving, used the same technique. Sylvie was driven to try mental toughness training after years of disappointment and failure. She was one of the top ten divers in the world, but would frequently choke and end up 7, 8, or 9th in world-class competitions. Sylvie was especially stressed out about the scoreboard. Whenever she would finish a dive, she would look at the scoreboard and her heart would go crazy. Sylvie knew the only way she would be able to control her reaction the scoreboard would be with music. At the Olympics, she had her trusty Walkman with her at all times: "Between dives my coach says 'Good' or what was wrong with my dive. I go back, I listen to my Walkman... I always listened to the same thing on my Walkman... 'Take your passion, make it happen' from the movie Flashdance. I don't know why this song. Maybe because my best friend gave it to me just before I left. She said, 'Listen to this song and make it happen for real. 'I carried my Walkman on my last two dives right up to the ladder and left it on the table. "Then Sylvie nailed her last dive to win the Olympic gold medal. 2Using music is a simple yet powerful way to immediately strengthen your psychology in golf and lower your score now. Most golfers are crippling their psychology of golf -- and their mental toughness -- without even knowing it. Here's why: because the golf psychology they are using is incomplete... and if you don't know about the missing pieces hoarded by superstar athletes, you will not win under pressure no matter how hard you try. My name is Lisa Lane Brown and discovering these missing pieces made me a three time World Champion in my sport. For over 14 years I've worked with thousands of amateur and elite athletes to help them win under beats by dr dre studio high definition red headphones monster beats by dr dre studio high definition red headphones
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