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August 02 [Thu], 2012, 17:23
With the changing perceptions of people's lives, including pieces like the clothing, Recycled PET bag, hairstyles, like the second "decorative" functions began to appear and become increasingly more important. Model shows, people go out into the market, travel, package regarded as inseparable partners. Package design fashion design as an important branch of the clothing industry also plays a strong role in promoting. Into the study in this "stylish" era, the package toward the visual appearance is luxurious, comfortable and exquisite touch, firm structure, elegant, sophisticated technology and detailed direction. As a package designer, in addition to have some design skills, but also need to understand some basic principles of modern design and consumer demand.
Development of a modern design trend is: the consumer's personality more and more shows. So the idea of designer bags from different people, time, place, character, cultural enrichment, professional and ethnic factors in starting to design a personalized bags, rather than blindly broadly design. In short, the bag's design is not cranky random act,burberry small nova check bowling bag supernova black but has its own scientific and design principles.
1 bag designed to support the overall design and apparel. Clothing and handbags, shoes, hats, belts, scarves and all decorations and decorative patterns, facial color should reflect the overall design concept, in the style, color to each other well. Therefore, the requirements of the designer bag must have a wide range of design talent and accomplishment. Supporting the overall design direction of future development.
2 bags and the environment. Bag designer in the design process to observe life, to take into account the bags in different environments, the effect of different occasions. Bag designed to fit with the environment, so that carriers of the inner and the environment compatible with the pace of life in harmony.
3 bags designed to consider the human, natural and other factors. Bags of style, color with the person's age, occupation, personality and other conditions in harmony, while also taking into account national customs. In addition to human factors, bags fabrics, colors, styles, etc. to be selected according to different seasons, and distinction.
4 bags should be designed to closely integrate the social and real life. Bag design is not a simple task, to complete a good work, must be market research, information collation, and a series of design process. To understand the consumer psychology, rpet bags manufacturers, and be good to get inspiration from different fields, and on this basis, designed to meet the requirements of different levels of bags to consumers.
In addition, there are many varieties of bags, small batch production requirements.burberry small haymarket check bowling bag chocolate check The only way to fully reflect the personality of the bag.
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