She sent mail to me for steal my money 2015 2/04

February 22 [Sun], 2015, 15:44
Hello my loved Takanori.
I am thankful that I met such a wonderful person like you, and we loved each other. I love you my kitty, I love and will always love. I will love you for your good heart, for your mind. I love you just the way you are. I love and really miss you. How are you? I hope you are fine.
My mom 2 genotype. patients with hepatitis C virus infection caused by genotypes 2 and 3 achieved rapid virologic response to therapy can shorten the course of treatment up to 12 - 16 weeks, because the incidence of sustained virologic response at 12 - 16 weeks of treatment (62 - 94%) The only drawback this approach is more than a twofold increase in the frequency of relapses of infection of hepatitis C (3-13% to 10-30%) in patients treated with 24 weeks and 12-16 weeks of treatment.
Over the entire course of treatment we were told that you need about 10000-9000 dollars.
Today, my mom assigned treatment. And we have provided a list of drugs that are required:
Drug ribavirin 6,000 rubles.
Interferons simple 7500 rubles
Pegylated interferons 8,000 rubles
Inhibitors of 300,000 rubles
Stimulator of hematopoietic 53000
Stimulator leykopoeza 5200
I have to pay 379,700 rubles, which is about 5490 dollars US. I'm terrified and did not know what to do. My hands are shaking the whole body. I'm just desperate. What do I do now? Loved I am very ashamed, then I have to ask you for help. I understand that a lot of money. And of course you do not have to help me. I'm sorry that I'm asking for your help. But apart from you I no longer turn to. You're my only hope my mom. If you can not help me, then of course I understand you. But I beg you to help. I love you very much and I hope that you do not throw me in such a difficult time.
I now really hard, I can not watch without tears on my mother. She did not like the fact merry and cheerful person. Now, in our eyes only pain and tears.
I used to not when so did not appreciate the time is not valued as now. I'm really sorry that I have lead to my mother is not much time, not as many as I could. If only I knew that all that can be done, I would not when I did not leave my mother. But life had other plans.
Sometimes my mind goes a thought that if we did not have time to find everything you need to help her mother ?! What if she dies ?! At this moment I can not think of anything else. Because all the thoughts in my head are mixed and clearly serves only one thought. The thought that haunts me.
Takanori I love you very much. And miss you so much. Now I would very much like what you would hugged me. I think of you always. I'll wait for your letter.
With love, yours and yours alone Svetlana

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