muzzle of the king three only then angry

November 07 [Thu], 2013, 11:20
(Thanks to "pansy yr" 300 coins triple point reward, thanks "dait" book club 100 coins starting a reward, thanks to "the beginning years of the final chapter of life" book club 100 coins starting a reward, thank you) the entire the atmosphere of the court because of this sentence becomes king with God has never been so intense yellow rushing blind, numb instantly let their slain man single Li Bo Wang originally occupied the active position with God. Even Fernando See froze in place of the six-party forces representative, has captured not dare say a word scared of Bai's arm, ready to see the bad one, they immediately took him out of here. It can be said, the king suddenly fell out with God is no one think, sir fat did not think that the six-party forces representative did not expect, even Huang Chong did not expect. But, this is not the seven party forces representatives want to see, but it is Huang Chong want to see. If the forces of the king with God these seven parties representative of any one person killed, and that is not something off his yellow house, even when other family want to find their own trouble, that there is no reasonable excuse. Coupled with the seven party forces Huang Chong representative suppressed for a long time, the heart has long been unhappy, and this time the king three powers forced the revolt, Anshuang touches my heart again and again. But, among so many people, it was only Fernando and hid in the woods and the trees of the square Tong David Blake that the king with God certainly will not put holy water grenades hit the President's face fat. Under this mutation, as long as the six-party forces representative of any one person fall upon Fernando and Bai, and that it can no longer be the king with God "play" to play anymore. But, seeing the threat of toxic, everyone wants to protect themselves, lest they fall upon Bai because the two of them, so that the muzzle of the king three only then angry tone to his body, to the time he's going to die if holding directly to the "holy water toxic" threw himself, it may be worth the candle. However, the six-party forces representative engaged in intelligence for many years, it can be said that the person who is seen storms. After a brief stupidly. Zhai first reaction came over, he seemed very worried, Mr. fat in general, gritted his teeth, Xinyi Heng. Shouted: "Little brother is not no thing can not talk to the point where you can Do not impulse ah" he spoke, he rushed toward the side yellow eyes cast to go for help can be a surprise to see Huang Chong sideways facing the woods. Look like a mess, like idly four, his face could not help but reveal a helpless look. But fortunately, he offered an opening, and let the fat Mr. stunned reaction over, he looked menacing king with God, suddenly took a deep breath, very solemnly: "Little brother, do not impulse, since I let you fall into the crisis, then I will not let you have any life-threatening. "Wang three powers inevitably turn look much better, he had no intention to grenade throwing holy water out, then heard the statement, Mr. fat, have taken advantage of lower a step, but, still with incredible tone, said the sentence: "Really?" "Of course." Mr see things still turn fat, suddenly one of the offerings, confidently pointed to the other six forces representative : "You can ask them, I have always kept their promises fat to speak, even if you do not asks me, I will definitely keep your life safe, after all, I revealed your hiding place, and if I can no longer guarantee that your life, then I battles in this circle white half my life, "his words can be described as morally, sounds like a no from the beginning with God wanted the king put to death three people in general, What is more, Zhai immediately to connect his words, in line said: "Yes, I told Mr fat dealings played two decades, he has never seen any reneged behavior, and as far as I understand, sir fat since the introduction of this initiative to put your swirl, he would not wash their hands, that little brother you worry. "his words one say it, the other five parties representative forces have also helped a lot of good things said Mr. fat, nothing more than that, Mr. Shou credibility fat definitely not the kind of random destruction oath despicable person and so on. Although a few of them on the same side alone good words, the king with God certainly will not believe it, but at this time, none of them take Fernando and Bai to threaten their Canada Goose Snow Bunting own, but also to the king three fishes they raised some favor. But, with God's heart is still the king did not have much bottom, one can not help shaking his head said: "guaranteed my life? Why do you? Relying on the strength of your breath? By the time the yellow house if you can to protect themselves has been very good "Fat President understands the meaning of the king with God, immediately explained:" I know, little brother you see I am a little overconfident, but I wanted to start a good way to protect the little brother, but now we can not say yet out, why not believe me little brother again, I promise, soon you will be able to know, "" I believe you? "still failing to not scratch the king with God:" I do not know you two are not familiar with you, what I believe you ? "fat Mr. silence for a moment, if not clearly know they certainly do not believe that the king himself with God, he whispered:" Little brother do not impulse, let me take a step could talk? "King with God frowned, gently point nodded, but still did not put a bottle of holy water grenades sese on. Mr fat with three powers in the hands of the king wary stare holy water grenades, take a deep breath and went to the king side with God, this quietly explained: "Little brother, really not Xiangman, from the beginning I had been going on with us Back to the town at the time, directly to the news spread out, to the time, in front of all forces of the face, Huang Huang Chong and the entire family is certainly not gone back to make things, your life force in all the attention under the never suffered any threat. "Hearing this, the king hearts with God suddenly calm down, indeed, the major powers concerned" holy water toxic "effect, and themselves as key players, they certainly will own protection tightly and will not let Huang kill any witnesses consumer behavior. Moreover, the king with God is indeed very curious Huang Bai came for themselves and in the end what is the purpose, since there now has his own security, there is North Face Pink Ribbon Cheap also about Chong family well-Tong and David Blake go. King with God can also rest assured that along with a trip back yellow home. Thought of this, the king was immediately a nod with God: "OK, now, Mr. fat so to speak, then I put my fat President of his life to." So saying, he put the cork back holy water grenade stuffed up. See him this action, Mr fat was immediately relieved, other six forces representative also put down the heart, but, Huang Chong seeing "This battle did not play up" a bit disappointed. Mr fat long sigh. Around to see to the Huang Chong: "yellow adult. Now we have to agree with the little brother, if you have not before we made any comments on the arrangements that we are now on the road now." Heard the phrase, yellow gas does not feel rushed to fight one to comment? He can have any comments? Even if he does not have any comments to refute another big room surfaces. Huang Chong said one can not help but snappily: "I have no opinion.'s Go," said. He was slain on the presence of a wave, but, do not wait for him to say when. Wang suddenly a ternary interrupted: "Wait," "how?" Yellow rushed immediately frowned a bit ugly face: "You want to play any tricks?" Fat once again turned to look at Mr. Wang ternary : "Little brother would like to say something?" King ternary first saw a fat President, President's identity can not help but feel increasingly fat curious, he could just see the other representative of the six-party forces are useful for holy water grenades interest, may take the initiative to stand because Mr. fat, the other six forces actually representative refuses to talk about how this fat can have such influence? However, the king did not say anything with God, immediately put his sights on Huang Chong's body, lightly: "I do not want to play any tricks, I just had to leave a way of escape." Here, the king with God a means Fernando : "Yellow adults want is me and Bai, not a cent of relationship with him, I asked Huang adults need to put him to leave, and he must have half the children with holy water toxic to leave, if I have to die, he flew on the This matter will be made public, if I do not die, then we all will live in peace. "Huang Chong After hearing this, only to feel my heart beat a gas does not come, though the king with God's reasonable to say, but he know, three powers have been in slandering the king himself, now if the man let go of the hair, it will inevitably Huang himself caught up in absolute passivity is not clear if the wash this thing, after the king three fishes ask for North Face Pink Ribbon Jackets anything Huang Huang should he not do so? Moreover, Huang Chong most worried about is the background of the king with God in his eyes, the king let this man walk with God, he certainly is going to notice the background of that time, he can be really yellow house is caught in a dilemma of just , do not wait for him to stand, when fat was immediately given a free hand, Mr. agreed down: "No problem, let him go," Huang Chong is simply no choice but to bite and said: "Well," Wang Li three powers did not Li Huang Chong, after listening to the words of Mr. fat turned facing Fernando, but he did not say anything, but eyes closed, sent a message to Fernando. Fernando reading this message, eyes open, suddenly a sneer with disdain: "Even if they want to stay also failed to keep me." His words can be described as extremely arrogant, just everyone can have seen him only 15 of strength, whether Huang slain, or the representative of seven parties want to keep the forces he could not be easier. At this point, Fernando could not help but to everyone left a "audacity" image, but, since agreed to let him go, it did not say anything. Wang ternary random break a big branch on the tree, and soon made a rough container, holy water grenades he pulled out the cork, a kind of mold half toward children which poured holy water, and gave the Fernando: "If I unfortunately died, the rest of the things that may give you." Fernando did not speak, nodded his head, deliberately holding rough wood container to the people looked, and then, he would like to take the vessel turned toward the opposite direction with the town slowly away. No one stop him, he will naturally go very smoothly. However, he did a few meters out, when he suddenly turned around and twisted to sneer: "You can send anyone to track me as long as you have that ability," and an arrogant, then throwing, this time, allowing everyone some unpleasant , but still, do not wait for people to express their views, the king with God suddenly closed his eyes, in the column directly to the camp and called back to Fernando Thus, ironically twice Huang Chong was going to see, just a turn Fernando body to go, actually suddenly disappear among the key is in the air, not only he saw, seven representative side forces are also seen. For a time, everyone can not help but 大眼瞪小眼, are full of shock (To be continued.)
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