About me 

2008年10月26日(日) 20時20分

My name is Hide.
I am from Osaka famous for its delicious food.
In Osaka you can have the most delicious food at a reasonable price.
So you have a lot of choice.

I used to be a professional dancer.
At that time I worked as a chef too.I worked in many types of restaurants including Japanese restaurants (Sushi etc)

After stopping my dance career I became a chiropractor and now
I am an alternative medicine therapist.

But food has always been my passion.

I have been to many countries China, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, South America, etc and eaten delicious food.
Whenever I travel I Always buy cooking books to try preparing those dishes by myself.

Sometime it works!!!

I think the ingredient is different between here and those countries.
Also some small details are a bit different and that’s cause of failure.
(Tell me somebody what to do!!)

Making Japanese food (Sushi) is not so difficult.
But you should know the right ingredients and the right cooking timing (how to cook)
and you need the right teacher.

That’s why now I teach Japanese cooking (sushi)
I am unofficial Japanese culture ambassador

I can teach you traditional and modern Japanese cooking.
Also I will accept any of your requests.
For example; wheat free meat free etc. Japanese cooking is varied and it allows for special dietary needs.

I am very friendly and easy going.
My name is Hide but I don’t hide (I am not shy!!)

If you are interested in cooking sushi contact me (email or phone)
I will replay you ASAP.

Sushi lesson 

2008年09月08日(月) 5時04分
Sushi lesson with Toshihide Hariki
(professional chef)

The course runs for 2.5 hours and takes place in my kitchen or your kitchen.)
The course content is as follows:

Learn how to make rice
How to select fish
How to prepare fish (option)
How to cut vegetables
How to slice Fish
Where to buy ingredients
How to make various types of Sushi

o Maki
o Nigiri
o California Roll
Presentation skills

6 pieces Cucumber
6 pieces Avocado
6 pieces Ume (Pickled Plums)
6 pieces Shiitake
6 pieces Tamago yaki (Egg Omelette)
6 pieces Prawn (small)
6 pieces Smoked Salmon Avocado
6 pieces Prawn (small)
6 pieces Tuna Mayo
6 pieces Avocado – Prawn
6 pieces Smoked Salmon Avocado
6 pieces California Roll (futomaki – Avocado, fish sticks covered with sesame seed)

Choice of 4 out of the menu items above

3 Pieces Sea Bass
3 Pieces Sea Bream
3 pieces Salmon
3 pieces Tuna (fresh)
3 piece Mackerel

Choice of 2 out of the menu items above

1 Student…….£35

2 students …….£30 each

3 student.......£25 each

If you want to learn how to cut (prepare) fish. Sea Bass .Sea Bream Mackerel add £5 each person.
(This skill is very useful. And don’t forget we live near the sea)

You get to take home what you prepared or we can have sushi together
All classes include Free sushi roll mat
Sushi making is a fantastic idea for Parties.
Prices will vary depending on the size of the party
Also not only sushi

Tempura. Gyouza(Japanese dumpling ) etc
(or any other Japanese dish you like)

Tel 01273 702 508
Email bonhide2000@yahoo.co.jp

Call or email me ASAP I will replay.

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