whoa oh no. 

November 20 [Mon], 2006, 0:50
So. Took off the old nail polish last week. As much as I loved the, to quote that hammock man, "Picasso-esque" strawberries, the paint was peeling and I'd have to redo the whole thing. And I'm not one to keep one design going. So, new, all pink not-even-close-as-good ugly crap on my nails now. =) Do look here.

Also, my dad took the server I was using and built a computer with its parts, the case from another computer, and parts from my old computer. I also got a CD burner now. :D Which is always good. It isn't exactly pretty looking, but nobody really sees it so. Oh well.

Adorable photos of my cat. Will go up on my livejournal.


yaay repainted nails. 

November 04 [Sat], 2006, 9:51
So, last week, I took off my ugly old nail polish and repainted them with a kind of less ugly design! Look here. (My hands were filthy, I know D:) They have been called strawberries, watermelons, and mushrooms, so you get to choose what to see! I actually had the intent of strawberries but I couldn't make it look right.

I liked them a lot at first but now they are just okay I guess. On the plus side, I am slowly getting better! It took me like an hour instead of like six with two days worth of fumes. n_n


x N E Wyork - - (rush!!) 

October 24 [Tue], 2006, 6:52
Ha, so I am updating again! I painted my nails. It took me four tries, mebbe five, but I was DETERMINED. Yay me. =) But the fumes gave me a headache and I couldn't sleep and asdoladsdfk;l;. It SUCKED LIKE A WHORE but my nails are pretty~! Looklook! They are pretty.

Also, I finished my poster like a week ago but I never got around to take a photo of it. BUT I HAVE NOW WOOGOCAM. Look at it! It has cute chibi Oliver and Sirius and, of course, a lot of errors, but that is normal when there is no undo button with markers.


x how d i d wrong (GETsoRIGHT?) 

October 19 [Thu], 2006, 7:54
IT IS WEDNESDAY. Which is pretty cool coz it means the week is half-way done. Unfortunately, it means I have ENGLISH CLASS tomorrow grrhissugh not cool.

So the Jonas Brothers? They're music is pretty good and they look awesome. They are all so cute. =) I want to pile them on each other and giggle insanely~ Anyhow, I saw their music video for their version of Poor Unfortunate Souls *<3disney* (watch it at http://video.aol.com/video-category/jonas-brothers/433_778430 - third video down; I don't really like the first two) and it pretty much rocks.

I cannot wait until four years passes and I am out of high school/college. Currently, I figure I'll transfer to a 4-year college in either LOUISIANA or somewhere in NEW ENGLAND. fdjkdf I am impatient. I will be the rockenist doctor with my like. White coat and syringes and that weird sterile smell. I will totally own. (:

Baa baa black sheep! I will find out his name. YOU CANNOT HIDE FOREVER, GOATEE MAN!

The end.
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