Happy New Year! 

January 11 [Fri], 2008, 0:39
It's kind of late ... Happy New Year anyway!

A new store for Lovely Nurse products! Please visit. :3 A new yaplog layout for the new year.

MangaNEXT Report 

October 08 [Mon], 2007, 23:29
MangaNEXT is over!

We meet so many people~
I'm very happy you came and those
of you who bought things, I hope you
really enjoy them. :3

Saturday was very busy, at times
the table was soo crowded.
Sunday was calmer, less people
because no one had any money left!

Everyone loved Thoe's cuppycakes! :D

The Catland art team plans to attend
and vend at the following conventions:

Anime Boston

We are not sure which conventions we
will be at, but we will definitely return
next year to MangaNEXT! ;33

MangaNEXT Update 

September 17 [Mon], 2007, 1:11
So many stickers!

There are candies, cupcakes, and more.

{ケーキ} My birthday was last thursday.
It was a good one! :3

Preview of nigiri sushi charms:


Update time! 

September 05 [Wed], 2007, 1:09
I revised the gallery page, divided the anime sections into digital and traditional
instead of by years. Sometimes the games will act weird and not load, so just be patient if they are giving you trouble! <3

Olivia and I are preparing for MangaNEXT, a manga convention in a bordering
state. They have a great artist alley and we are looking foward to promoting

Many things are being made~ Charms, magnets, hairclips, rings, keychains,
postcards, bookmarks, candy pillows, prints of our artwork ...

If you are going to MangaNEXT in October, please make sure to visit Catland's
table in the Artist Alley!

We are also excited about NY Anime Festival in December! :3

I begin a new semester at school next monday and my birthday is on the 13th! <3

Website is up and running! 

August 01 [Wed], 2007, 12:51
I previously used Caleida as a host for my art website,
but now after a year,
I've brought it back up on a new host!

{ハート} http://thecurtainrises.newsit.es/ {ハート}

I'm still having problems with greatestjournal ...
next step will probably be to
host the images somewhere else ...

There are games and other things on the site! XD;

Not very exciting. .__.

First post! 

July 30 [Mon], 2007, 11:18
This is a blog for my website apart of East Catland~{ラブラブ}


'stephanie means crown' will post updates and news for East Catland's underground.

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