Another Beginning: episode 3 

March 18 [Wed], 2009, 3:58
[Another Beginning: episode 3]

With a loud drumming sound (Made by Harry), three shadows jumped out of the flashing light. They were, from the left to the right, Dougie, Tom and Danny! I thought this was another major miracle that has ever happened. Danny was the one standing in front of me!!!! I was speechless, but I snapped out of the moment, and focused on watching his performance.

First the concert began with One For The Radio from their latest album “Radio:ACTIVE”. No doubt because this was a big hit in the UK, and this song got a pretty good beat. Everyone was jumping, putting their hands in the air and singing along.
The moment flowed away so fast that there were two songs left. They started playing All About You. God I love that song so much.. I was listening to the gentle and sweet voice of Danny. Then when it came to the mid part, where Tom’s solo took place, he walked closer to the crowd.

“Hey, thanks for coming today.
You ladies having a good time?”
He smiled tenderly, and that made the girls around me scream.
He shook some hands saying “Arigato, Domo” and finally looked at me.

“Elyna, I’m glad that you came to see us perform!
What do you say if I ask your request for the last blast today?”

He laughed, and then explained again. I could barely hear him with the plucking bass of Dougie. Well, I did hear him a little, but my brain could not catch up in this situation.

“Do you have any request for our last song?”
This time I managed to translate it right. Few girls seemed to understand what he meant, so they glared at me as if I stole their boyfriend or something.
I quickly thought through, and one song came right up. Cupping around my mouth with my hands, I yelled at him.

Pinball Wizard!!”
He grinned and gave me a wink. At that perfect timing,
Tom’s solo was over, and Danny got back to the song.
As soon as the song ended, Danny hopped to the drum set, and whispered something to Harry. Then he did the same thing to the other boys as well.
He told them about the request..!
My heart thumped and thumped. I should be super lucky!
They nodded, and turned to the drummer. Harry starts hitting the bass drum so hard. Dougie joined with his bass line, Tom jumped in after seconds, and then finally, Danny shouted out.

“This is gonna be our last song.
But don’t worry; we’ll be back real soon. We promise.”

Then Dougie says as he pick his bass,
“I’m sure I’m gonna miss you guys.”

“Okay lads, enough with the chitty-chat.
Let’s get on with the song!”
Hearing the fans giggle at what Tom said,
I prepared myself to another mosh.

“Thank you Tokyo! The last song we give you is…
Pinball Wizard!!!!!!!!”


Another Beginning: episode 2 

March 08 [Sun], 2009, 0:20
Another Beginning: episode 2
[A week later at Shinjuku, Tokyo]

I was helplessly upset.
I kept on imagining that Danny will notice me at the show, and I hoped that he would talk to me again like he did last time. The place was already crowded with girls and some press staffs taking picture. Even that made me nervous..

“Hey, Elyna. Why so stiff? We’re gonna see Mcfly in a couple of minutes!”
My best friend said, swinging me back and forth. I replied with a shaky voice.

“I-I know... But I'm kinda worried.. what if I can’t make it to the front? What if I trip again?
I keep on imagining the worst case..”

“Oh, c’mon. You’re one of the biggest fans of Mcfly. It’s not like you won’t be able to beat those girls in a shoving fight.”
She told me with a grin, and patted me on the head. I smiled faintly.

“Well... I guess I have to try..”

“Yeah! You’re so ready to push the girls aside!”
I nodded instead of saying anything. Then, a bunch of fans started squeaking.
The main entrance finally opened.

“That’s our cue. Let’s kick some butts, partner!”
She tugged me toward the door, weaving the way through the mad crowd. I decide not to take any action, for it was the best way to get to the entrance smoothly. We trotted as fast as we can, and we successfully managed to get in the second row. I was already panting from the sudden movement. But I could not care less about it. Then, a couple of men came out, started to tune the guitars and did the final check-ups.
About a minute later, the place went dark.
My heart began to pulse. They are finally coming out!

“Now... The moment you have all been waiting for.. Ladies and Gentlemen, the hottest band in the UK... Mcfly!!!!!!!!!"
A male staff announced slowly and clear. The crowd went crazy, and so did my friend and I. I screamed out Danny’s name as loud as I can, hoping that he would hear me.


Another Beginning 

February 26 [Thu], 2009, 23:28
It started with a tiny little coincidence.

I was having my loving tea break at Starbucks nearby my school.
Oh, for your information, I am a university student.
I am an English major, and want to work internationally.

Anyways, back to the story.

The weather was nothing but fine that day,
that made me think something, ANYTHING special would happen.

Of course, I did not think something would actually happen,
and I knew it was a mere delusion of mine.

After the second order of my favorite, Mocha Flappeccino,
I caught sight of the street getting crowded.
Wondering why, I grabbed my drink and went to check out what is going on.
and I saw a man, surrounded by girls.
I recognized that he was a foreigner.
Light browned and slightly curly hair, eyes color of moss green.
A face so familiar. But could it be?

It was him. The man of my dream.
Danny Jones, was there in the middle of the crowd.

I was over thrilled, and that caused me to do the thing I would not want to do.
I embarrassed myself.

Stumbling from the shock, I fell right on my face.
When I thought the gaze of the surrounding girls focused on me,
I thought I was going to die from this humiliation.

Then, that moment, it happened.

"Hey, hey. Give the girl some space.
Are you alright? "

With a heavy (at least I thought it was) British Accent,
The guy who was standing in the crowd rushed to me and offered a hand.
He looked worried, and that made my heart skip a beat.

"Ah, um... Y-yes, I'm...OK."
My voice faded away, and I felt my face blushing.

"Let me help you up. Are you hurt?"

"No, I'm fine.. Thank you very much."

"Not a problem. Crazy crowd, eh?"

"Yeah... You are popular.
You're Danny Jones from Mcfly, right?
I'm a big fan of yours, too."

He chuckled, and scratched his right cheek.
And then he replied.

"Oh, it's an honor to have such a pretty girl as my fan."
I giggled, then I noticed how the girls were giving me the look so penetrating.
I froze and felt mostly uncomfortable, so I shook his hand and said,

"Anyways, I think I should be going.
Before those girls get me for talking with the most famous guy in England.
Thank you again, and it was so, so so nice meeting you,"

"(Laughing out loudly)Okay. I had to go back to the hotel anyways.
It was nice meeting you, too."

He gave me a hug, which was unexpectable,
then smiled as I started walking away.

I could not help but smiling, and my heart was pounding so loud.
I waved to him, then turned back to head to the station.


I heard his sweet voice called me out.

"What's your name?"

I blushed again and smiled, and shouted,

"ELYNA! My name is Elyna!"

He grinned, and shouted back.

"I guess I'll see you soon, Elyna!"

My heart was about to pop out of my mouth.
I wanted to stop this pounding, so I covered my mouth.
But it did not help at all.


November 04 [Sun], 2007, 14:57
*at the livehouse ZX*

REDBUTTON girls were getting ready
for their performance.

they have been feeling so nervous,
that their body wouldn't stop shaking.

but no one can make the time stop or go slower.
it was their turn to get on the stage..

the gig was quite a blast!

in the middle of the song
the girls heard some one calling
(actually more like shouting)
their name.


Mcfly&Redbutton "Arrival" Season 1 

September 07 [Fri], 2007, 20:18
Gakkou E Ikou has recieved the letter from Redbutton
Redbutton requested to go to England and meet the pop band Mcfly
Mcfly is Ayumi and Yoshiko's favorite band...
Let me introduce to you the members**
Ayumi - Keysist
Yoshiko -Lead vocals and guitars
Kumiko - Back vocals and lead guitars
Chie - Bassist
Chiaki - Drums

In Mcfly's meeting room
Danny: Do we really have to do this??
Dougie: Yeah!! We've got better things to do.
Manager Jake: This is going to your break in Japan!
Tom: We are already famous in Japan, duh.
Jake: Yeah, I know. But you guys have to do this anyway, if you don't want to ruin -your reputation.
Harry: Guys. Let's just do this. We are wasting our time just by talking about it.
Tom: Alright... what do we have to do?
Jake: 5 high school students are coming here tomorrow morning. You guys... are gonna pick them up at the airport.
Danny: W-WHAT???????!!!!!!!
Dougie: No fucking way!!
Harry: Shut up! Continue...
Jake..err.. then after the TV appearance, their cameraman will take a scene of you, teaching them how to play the song Transylvania.
Tom: Ridiculous... this is unbelievable.
Harry: Then what?
Jake: Then... you know. Be friends with them.
Danny: Do we have a choice?
Jake: Honestly... no.
Tom: Right...

Next day at the Airport
Ayu: [while holding the dictionary] What should I do...
Yoshiko: It'll be fine! You've practice English a lot back in Japan, right?
Ayu: But...
Chie: By the way... where are they?? We've been here forever.
Kumi: hmm? Look? Are they Mcfly?
V6's Morita: Cameraman! Hey! They're here! Please get ready for shooting!
Cameraman: Ok, sir!
Ayu: Oh * My *God!!!!!! >.<;
Yoshiko: Calmn down. It's gonna be fine!! lol


Danny: Where the hell are they?
Tom: I think that's them... I can see a camera.
Dougie: Those little chicks?
Harry: Yeah, I think that's them. Have you got your lines memorized, Danny?
Danny? Yeah... Hi girls... Nice meeting you...
Dougie: We're Mcfly! blah-blah-blah
Danny and Dougie: [Laughs like idiots]

[The fans gathered around them]

Danny: Hey! How are you? [While signing autographs]
Tom: Thanks, thanks...hello [shaking hands]
Jake: Hey!! We've got business here! If you guys wanna talk to Mcfly, come to the - show! Buy tickets!! Bye!

[Jake, with the assistants, grabbed Mcfly to the place where Redbutton members are patiently waiting]

Cameraman: OK... ready...on five...........3...2...1

[Morita interviewed the memebers of the band Redbutton first... then Mcfly]

Danny: Hi girls! Arigato for coming to see us! It's really nice to meet you.
Redbutton: [Awkward silence...]
Tom: So... our van is just outside the airport. Let's go?
Morita: Ok, girls? Let's go! [Gave a "come on" sign to the cameraman and assistants]
Redbutton: [Nods]

Danny: [to Ayu] Hey, let me carry this for you. [carries her bag]
Ayu: Th-thank you

Dougie: Here, let me...[to Kumi]
Kumi: Thanks!

Harry: Hi, you're Yoshiko...right? This looks heavy, so I7ll carry this for you.
Yoshiko: Thanks, Harry
Harry: Douitashimashite....?
Yoshiko: Yeah!

Tom: Let me carry yours, Chie.
Chie: I'm ok. Carry Chiaki's luggage instead.
Tom: O-okay...
Chiaki: Thank you.
Tom: [Looking at Chie] No problem.... 。oO((She's scary))

Ayu & Danny

Danny: So... you like it here?
Danny: Sorry, it's your first time here, right?
Ayu: Y-yes...
Danny: You seem Is it because of your English?
Ayu: Yes. I'm not good in English...
Danny: It's ok... I'm not good in Japanese, either. All I can say is, Konnichiwa...
Ayu: [does the machinegun laugh]
Danny: love your laugh. You look really cute when your laughing.
Ayu: Th-thank you...

[Danny's phone is ringing...]

Danny: I gotta answer this...
{Danny on PHONE}Hello?.......Hey..... I'm working right now....can it wait?....What?... Really???...that's my girl!...........I'll call you back, I can't....ok....later...... I love you too babe... bye
Danny: Sorry about that... girls can be really crazy sometimes.
Ayu: It's okay. 。oO((He's got a girlfriend???? Ouch...))

useful SLANGS 

August 13 [Mon], 2007, 23:21
Since i don't have anything to
write for today,
i'll put some useful slangs
which i picked up from a website.
here it goes!

"Dave gave a dynamite presentation."

dinosaursomething old fashioned or out of date.
"I'd love to surf the Net,
but unfortunately my computer is a dinosaur."

el chapo: something cheap.
"Since I don't make much money,
I always purchse the el cheapo brand."

"Your car is really evil!"

eyeball: to stare long and hard at someone or something.
"Dave eyeblled his daughter's new boyfriend."

eyepopper: something or someone visibly astounding.
"Wo, that girl is truly an eyepopper!"

"Dave's ESL Cafe is really fab!"

"I think it's time we had a face-off."

fender-bender: small accident.
"This morning I had a fender-bender on the Venture Freeday."

"I waited four hours for my flaky friend to show up."

Well...that's it for today.
To Be Continued!

start of something new 

August 10 [Fri], 2007, 23:34
Hey there!
what's up?

i've been using this page
to write what i thought.

but sad thing it causes some troubles
because there are some peaple
who don't like the way i think.

i don't want ANY of my friend
takng this wrong.

but this is what i think.

so from now on,
i will use this page to write
some of my creations.
(fiction things,of course)

Thank YOU for checking this page!
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