December 12 [Tue], 2006, 21:09
After work, i had the piano practice, i am very please of the progress on it! Yeah!!! Hope can have more progress in the near future!! My boss went Korea this morning, the pressure leave us suddenly!!! All the colleague are excited to the lucky draw on 21-12-2006, haha, so happy!!!


November 29 [Wed], 2006, 23:59
I was going to have the Illustration course today, finally i haven't go school!!!!! HAHA, i go to visit Sandy, and forget the time to go school!!! (So Silly!!!!) !!! Beside, Kit called me today, .......his boyfriend do something wrong and make her cry.......!!!! I'm sorry to heard it.....but i can't do anything for help!!!!


November 27 [Mon], 2006, 23:59
I play with milk today, these day i haven't enough to take care to her, Milk!!! Thousand of sorry!!!!!


November 25 [Sat], 2006, 23:59
After the Piano Lesson, i went to Tsim Sha Tsui and join with Helen, we had the Beijing food for dinner, all of food are spicy, delicious!!!!!


November 24 [Fri], 2006, 23:37
After work, i was shopping with my friend - Vincent!!! We were waiting for his friend, they are going to have a function for Karaoke!!! HAHA!!! I meet a friend here -Snare, what a special name!!! He said he can book the practice room for me, it's because he is studing in Poly U, so he can book the room for free!!! After the function, he accompany me go back!!!! HAHA, he's more gentle than vencent!!!!


November 18 [Sat], 2006, 23:23
Tonight, I had dinner with Helen, then, helen came and played with Milk, she brought me a vcd, it's a horrible movie.........i am not interested in horrible move, so i slept for a short time, then i went for a show!!! This show was perform by Noel's classmate!!!! I never seen such of show before, the feeling was nice!!!! It's better than watch the VCD at home!!! When i back home, i continue to study about HTML, Oh....now is 3.00am, i 've to go bed now...........


November 16 [Thu], 2006, 23:45

Took in Whampao 16-11-2006

Dinner with Keung 

November 15 [Wed], 2006, 23:19
Before my lesson, i had dinner with Keung in Jordon!!!! Delicious!!!

Book Store 

November 14 [Tue], 2006, 23:51
I went to book store when i leave office, I am looking for some books about western culture, but finally i can't find any suitable!!!!!!!

Rest - William Adolphe Bouguereau 1879

New Trousers 

November 12 [Sun], 2006, 22:17
Today, shopping again!!!! I have buy a new trousers!!!! So happy!!!!!
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