experts to teach the rough cut ball

November 03 [Sat], 2012, 11:41
experts to teach the rough cut ball, Katana sword sniper hi driver for sale.

Golf greenside chipping is very important, if a push to complete, will be able to successfully ensure par. But cut the ball in the greenside rough area, tends to make the amateur golf enthusiasts daunting to. Ireland's McGinley their own experiences, to teach the long grass cut ball technology:

Professional players McGinley

The long greenside grass area hitting the long grass resistance, backspin to the ball will be relatively small, the ball hit the green scroll tend more to calculate the falling ball point. Second, the rough ball, the club may be long grass entangled, causing chopped or cut drain ball. Try the following:

1, if you want to get the ball rolling a little less, you can use the 60-degree wedge, and open the face;

2, the position of the ball in the center by the rear foot (right foot), which helps to directly hit the ball back down;

3, feet slightly open, 70% of the center of gravity on the left foot on the body to tilt to the direction of the target;

4, the body, shoulders, feet pointed at the target area to the left;

5 on the rod height is not due to higher than waist, significantly Quiz wrist steep on the rod under the bar when accelerated through the ball, hit back to play. mizuno driver mx700 left wholesale online.
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