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Shen Yu you play, the fastest cooling good skills put herd." Shen Yu level of not, this also happens to turn the assassin of operation demanding career. Assassin unhappy, PK favorites. Glory in the name of the assassin did not famous is the expression of the speed of the aBurberry Hobossassins is a tragedy, PK easily bullied. Shen Yu is a tragedy, direct repair was abandoned leaf out. Seven of the remaining leaves with the repair to feel happy. The speed of light away from the students to keep up with, and that the two buddies have not improved then the panic started, though were still occasional mistakes, but has a repair to save games to save the leaves come back. They just raise the hand of a 20% rate, repair time, but leaves a hundred percent blasting to a special error correction. Chan at this time if the leaf cultivation, the words will handle residual party food back. At this point leaves the hand speed repair at least 160, that if the hand disability, she is hands down Chan. "Quick! Fast! Fast!!" Pseudo-ginseng which side of this as a calling to live in and remembered the slogan, shouted to his side while also accelerating the speed, so has led to one other person, but this time he was the rise very small, people are unaware that just go up, it leaves to the repair can be subtle to detect, it really is a pleasant surprise, so take even greater. "Fast red blood!!" Pseudo-ginseng was suddenly shouted. ========================================== Speed up the output! Blood at night down the gunmen, blasting equipment, on the list! The first sixty-eighth chapter of blood gunmen kill 2011-3-23 23:09:12: 2290 Ye repair action is fast, direct flight captain was transferred to the pseudo-ginseng: "all make way." Pseudo-ginseng, and others the old players, blood gunmen have not killed, but the gunmen have heard the story of blood, the BOSS Baozou know how it is, withdraw immediately to retreat. Three rogue white consciousness is high now, and not asking questions, listen up act, but also a U-turn left. Natural leaf repair heart but clearly than pseudo-ginseng, which also used to remind him. That eight people led by the pseudo-ginseng are out of range of blood after gunmen hatred, repair large explosion leaves the hand speed, Jun Mo laughed war spear flash dazzled put too few skills, life-blood of the gunmen was an instant brush to ten percent red blood line. "Oh Oh Oh ..." blood gunmen began to shriek out glowing carnage cMoncler Shoesall, but beware of the long preparation for the player, his hatred of the range where only one person, and not the captain. Been thoroughly understand the rules of the BOSS, the player is bound to be played out so mercilessly, then leaves to do is control the repair of blood gunman, allowing him to call at this stage do not go Rendui gone. This amendment is simply a matter of leaves as simple as eating. Blood gunmen call is completed, there have been all alone around a skeleton, appears to be so thin. Tianqi, who did not move, they saw the blood that is only gunmen of the Raiders, this field although they have been BOSS Association, also participated, but did not even gone through this stage of the big move, this call is over runaway blood gunman , admission and then you can not kill? They do not know. "Kill!!" Until they heard laughter Jun Mo instructions. Bolted back then kill eight people, blood gunmen called out the guard instantly be labeled as bone fragments, it is so lonely to the Who. Siege continues. "Blood on the call this time the gunman was not it?" Asked the pseudo-ginseng. "Ah. There is a five per cent, and dying a snapshot." Ye Xiu said. "BOSS is a shameless ah! 26 will indiscriminately." Tianqi said. "We pay attention to dodge is the last snapshot crit rate is high, certainly more than the few hanging." Ye Xiu said. "Indiscriminately how to hide?" Sleep in mid-question. "... ... For you to run farther." Leaf repair response. "Fuck!" Clearly the situation well, they can see high levels of blood gunmen in time to solve, so the conversations are relaxed. Five percent of life, the eight people once again came a circle of hatred, blood gunmen and calls out the cold loneliness of a zombie, and instantly be labeled as meat. Three players tread Society has become increasingly close, leaf cultivation has received the news of the night is young, Ah still proud of it that: "Ha ha ha, you kill it? Hard ah! Than now to join our association's mission. "Ye did not care for repair, a critical moment, "Ha ha ha ha ..." when the gun fire, smoke, leaves the audience after the chorus of self-cultivation step smile wMoncler Poloas a thousand percent. However, the level of individual players, but there is laugh. Silver off the edge as the body can be successful, this is not a low as one thousand hands; this a homeopathic one days before the attack roll has a fast response back, the result was to be broken strokes, and the level of Jun Mo have to laugh more high. If the change is yourself, what happens? A lot of people think this is the time, laughing. Sarkozy rushed to the four have been an instant hit lying, fighting four are all-Master, is relying on the pattern of non-property-hyun speed increase talent one step ahead of others. Otherwise, the new role of district, not to pick when the heap property and equipment, a mobile speed grade. Although four people lying, but no chance to kill the king laugh Mo four. We see real, this time the magic Jun Mo did not laugh. "Catching is not so, ah!" Jun Mo laughed suddenly squatted, like thousands of into the ear, we hear the leaves so a repair that. The audience laughing. This is a steal machine ah! No magic, it is entirely to scare people. Jun Mo laughed and then got up and running, the audience was in a hurry, want to know that four people have to catch up to, but do not laugh Jun Mo back ah! We all know that wearing headphones leaf cultivation, how much you can hear footsteps behind him, to see him so calm, was estimated to be really scare. Can not scare you? Jun Mo laugh how strong these people than their audience a better understanding of these cafes. Three people up to be easily knocked down, levels higher than the line to make a counter-step thousand have been turned into the ground, where would be willing to continue to collect four to die, and then had to wait for many people together on. "Catch up?" Blue River, then happens to the message. One thousand into a depressed response: "catch up, and beat." "Then ... ... the first withdrawal of it!" Blue River news. One thousand Jun Mo laughed looked into getting run further away, did not move. And his side the three at the same level, and his response was similar to the. ================================= Breakfast, click and recommendedUGGS Sandra, it is important to very important! Seventieth chapter copy enhance 2011-3-24 14:48:32: 2231 Association of the three people finally catching up or not, out of breath after the slender leaves, took off the headphones, look to their own behind. He had felt himself behind a pile of children's popularity. "Brother, fierce ah!!" Let us praise. Ye Xiu smile: "luck, luck." "Burst to anything?" Was curious to ask. "Took a bloody rifle." Ye Xiu said. Ye repair this equipment was seen immediately after the burst point of the name, pseudo-ginseng, and others to see them still more in mind. Of course, they will not fight brother and master, but the problem is that three new it? Glory not binding equipment, any equipment, even if you do not take, you can always sell for money to get out of hand. So the next copy of glory Wild team that is a mess, if the mentality of holding the equipment needs, the field team is definitely not a good choice. There is a demand, then look for the Society, to find relatives and friends, this group from the team will always take into account the job priority. Field team, that are experienced when the brush is the place to make money. So they heard leaves Tianqi repair needs, although not shake point, but did not give up, they look at the attitude of the three strangers, if someone shaking three points, but also shake a striking them or was, then roll back to help master brother, who many people, the opportunity is bigger. But the fact is they are suspicious, that three is a very deft way to give up bloody rifle. Pseudo-ginseng, and others have given up after the bloody rifle Jun Mo finally fell into the pockets of laughter. Other things we do not come and look, there has been master brother, "Paopao Pao," the press, people casually shake point, who even did not get to see too much attention to the flash. One week only brush BOSS out three times from the field equipment is still very straightforward, just the blue light is installed on a lost four, all 25's stuff. In fact, this is not enough red character, or the wild even BOSS Orange is installed there are chances out. Contrast, however, first to killUGGS Seline more people feel wonderful. Look at the popularity of the three associations crazy the way, how likely is because the four blue containers to be robbed? Tianqi, who at this time could not help admiring their names on the list, happy Zuidu Bulong. Ye repair it, here is the crowd was a strong, but at this time to withdraw to meet a few, you are not familiar, casually tugged, seeing nothing and then after the show to watch also all gone. Only Chan also stood. "Boss ..." Ye repair call a cry, looked under the time, quickly shut the computer off the assembly line: "I'll go to the foreground." Faster eleven o'clock, the night he had received. Chan Ye see it looks like repair, the nerve to say she did not actually told him to take over, but to watch the gossip gang. Eleven, once deserted a lot of Internet cafes, but also around the leaf repair just watch the people all of a sudden the plane to go a lot. Although still in the glory of New Redu, but people need to learn, work still, all night all night playing games idlers never too much. With the shift of staff to leave, Chan felt more empty bars, the front left lobe repair a person all alone sitting in the desks. Chan had a look, this guy is already back into the game, and really exceptionally despise this game all day long to know the death house party. Chan side of the contempt with one hand and walked over toward the other corner cafe. Look, soft Tang also lying on the front of the computer also, to concentrate on playing the game, screen light reflected on the face Hushanhushan, Don is not soft with not even bat an eye. Chan stepped forward, still trying to see Don soft task, the girl more unfortunate time for the evening peak period, what is a difficult task done, too few people online at this time, the situation only a little better, done is happy. Chan patted her, Don turned soft, look Chan, cried: "What?" Chan pulled her headphones: "eleven o'clock." "Ah? Are eleven o'clock? That do not know it ! "Tang soft surprise. "A few levels up?" Chan asked. "Six." Because the peak of the Tang soft upgrade this task really unhappy. "Do not go to bed?" Chan said. "You go first! IUGGS jimmy choo'll wait will be." Tang soft again put on the headphones back in the game world. "Then I go, you go to bed early." Chan said, a little soft response to the results of Tang did not, apparently wearing the headset has not heard Chan speak. Chan left side of the loss aside, most fans had their own glory is a cafe, which leaves to a repair, but Don brought up a soft, fresh look at the two men that crazy, is not dedicated themselves to become a little, ah? Chan this cranky, but still be back on the second floor room to rest. Internet cafes are not really become an idler, and we all sat in their respective positions dedicated to the game with. Leaves back on the game after repair, pseudo-ginseng, who quickly sent a question to see master brother suddenly off the assembly line, they are out when what conditions. "Nothing, I'm fine, but you also have to be careful." Leaf cultivation replies everyone. "Who cares!" Tianqi their side is dismissive. Frankly, they have this strength of character and leaf cultivation is very relevant. Association before they master the three is the same God as worship, but a few times along with mixed leaf repair, only to find the original vision is too low, and compared to master brother, how can they qualify, said God. Now, they successfully follow the master of the three brothers robbed the Society of BOSS, these guys seems to have kind of stepped on the foot of the three associations feel my heart pleasure far more than concern. As Shen Yu, buns invasion that guys, totally new interests which are still not clear what, you just assigned to the equipment feel very happy. "I will return to the town." Repair and we call leaves. "Oh, brother master walking." Replies with busy people. "We care." Leaf repair and remind a few people cry, laugh manipulate the king back to the Buer Si Mo town. Town safe area, no longer subject to any attack, leaves the Jun Mo safely repair a lost smile, open the equipment editor. The color of the new rifle also got the equipment directly into the editor. Two days to collect material very well, thousands of machines have been a number of umbrella components can be upgraded. Open strucUGGS Bailey Buttonture, the form of distraction from the umbrella, the leaves began to carefully remove umbrella repair. This is a total of eight umbrella, umbrella stuck in the bone connected into a whole umbrella. Pick up an umbrella into a copy of the template box, on the other side of the material tank, leaf repair points into five strong spider silk. Replication begins, the progress bar has completed, the five strong spider silk has been woven into umbrella appearance. Then repeated seven replication. Eight strong strong umbrella made of woven silk. Replace the new umbrella, followed by firearms and possession of the sword part. Pole to be removed, divided into two parts, rods, and rod in the possession of the sword. Both are copied as a template. Copy rod, the material is added to rifles and skeleton warriors bloody sword scabbard. Possession of the sword, it is the skeleton warrior with sword. Click Copy, complete, and then carefully place the new assembly back thousands of machines umbrella. To do the whole repair process leaves very carefully, but it does not seem too difficult, in addition to equipment dismantling umbrella umbrella is little copy only. However, if not thousands of machines umbrella if the original template, but where's the copy function? ==================================== Two more, today's two more have come quite early, right? After a quick lunch break the students to vote! Articles of Chapter weapons and skills 2011-3-25 0:58:15: 2119 Ye looked repair equipment in the material editor box, there is also some recent collection of rare materials, but yet do not have access. Leaf out of repair materials box, confirm the umbrella of thousands of machines to change, change the progress bar after the exit of the editor. Return to the game, Doukai thousands of machines to see the new changes umbrella effect. Umbrella of the original form of thousands of machines is still five unchanged, but this changes, thousands of machine guns umbrella sword shape and form level also rose to 15. Is still the same weight 2.3 kg, IAS are also 5, but physical attacks and magic attacks, and 15 of the spear is quite different form. ThousaUGGS Classic Cardynds of machines umbrella (sword form), 240 physical attacks, magic attacks 265. Thousands of machines umbrella (shot form), 238 physical attacks, magic attacks 210. Spears, swords, guns, weapons which different systems, naturally attributes the difference, even with the professional system, the weapons will have different emphases. Take for example the Department of the sword, then with the Department of weapons, physical attacks on the highest epee class, IAS is usually 1, the slowest; magic dagger attack is the highest class, IAS general 5; IAS fastest is the lightsaber type, attack speed is usually 9. Another two are too big sword and knife, sword partial physical, but not as good epee, but slightly faster attack speed for 3; too partial magic knife, as dagger, it is also slightly faster attack speed of 7. Department of Occupational swordsman should so depending on the habits and needs to select weapons. Such as Mo Jianshi and Ghost Swordsman two main professional attacks by magic, it rarely choose to do epee weapons. Berserker and swordsman-based physical attacks, dagger if not a special effect is not to be considered. The lightsaber is a special system exists only swordsman in order to use this weapon, the game only occupational settings explanation is the limit of the sword swordsman seeking to master so quickly lightsaber. Because IAS superiority, lightsaber properties similar to the knife too, but physical attacks and magic attacks should be a little lower. At this time thousands of machines in the sword form of property umbrella, knife system is biased too, but the share of IAS is the dagger but the level of 5, and with the level of knife too on less than a chip. But look at the thousands of machines form the umbrella of the spear, 290 physical attacks, this is the Master system attacks the strongest weapon in the battle spear physics class, the equivalent line in epee sword position. War spear is an original and epee, like the IAS, but now share into 5 IAS, thousands of machines form the umbrella of the spear is better than the absolute level of war with a strong spear out of a length. Leaves the form of repair cheUGGS Classic Minicked again and found that editing evolution is correct, then they laugh Mo point to open Jun skills list. 20 when there will be a skill point reset, Jun Mo although scattered people laugh, but also can enjoy this treatment. However, other occupations in 50 career awakening when there will be an opportunity to reset skill points, scattered people "With ah!" Blue River about. "Do it!" Ye repair sweat, perseverance this man is very, ah, grabbed by their own rope in the heart of the BOSS also die? BOSS does grab leaves slightly revised approach means that he does not want to be pulled to Chequ three associations, so we did not show a good life to him, not even insist on, as time goes by, it is difficult to endure the human . "Brothers polite." Blue River said. "Has been around a person ..." Blue River leaves the face of repair always have to find some excuse. "Who?" Blue River, suddenly alert, do not have time for in their own before the Association. "Friends ..." Ye Xiu said. Blue River would like to ask, "What a friend", but think it was overdone gossip, have no choice but authentic: "That's the next opportunity it!" "Next next." Leaf repair perfunctory. Blue River received with regret the news, which has just received the news, suddenly thought of one thing: "Brothers, the first businessman to kill goblins you have to help me." Goblin Merchant is frost forest wild BOSS, at least not yet appeared. "The truth about a person." Ye Xiu said. Afford just to be false, this man is not really to speak with a hide. Blue River while vomiting a side smoothly asked: "Who?" "Domineering aggressively." 'By!!! "Blue River, took a heavy keyboard. Tangle tangled, tangled hair ah! Look at this matter is now being accounted for the advance party of it! Blue River regret for his indecision, looking at chat window, but I do not know how to go back down. Jun Mo laughed this really the case of Zhou and his analysis of it, is to eat around all guild ah! But people who aggressively domineering enough air, it is still entangled in their own, people have put down knot and the use of up-Jun Mo laughed. Alas! Blue River, sighed, and ultimately to maintain UGGS Classic Shortthe grace to return to the message said: "That will happen when diametrically opposed to the." "Yes ah, no mercy." Ye Xiu said. "After the wild brother figure BOSS, all copies of the record, I have an appointment on line now does not?" Blue River said. "That to talk about it ... ... when my grades, but also keep your progress ah!" Ye Xiu said. "Brother you quickly rose ah!" Blue River, a look at this really is a problem. He is now 24, a copy of brush several times tonight, certainly 25, which are still in the 21 Jun Mo laugh on. The worse the farther this level, when they are challenging 30 copies, which were still more than 20 copies in Hangchihangchi level, when they have a good record-breaking wash again, the blue line of the river they do not want to go back ah! Off grade of ... ... ================================ one more that we waiting. Continue to write the second more! Seventy-third chapter throwing sand skills 2011-3-25 22:00:13: 2222 response to the three associations have to tell the truth so that leaves quite an unexpected repair, performed the atmosphere are quite mature, and indeed for years to stand the Great Society. Domineering aggressively fastest response, blood gunmen things in the past, not long after that came the news of the night is young, does not mention this matter, a direct invitation to kill goblins with the merchant. Treatment to say, but of course the first condition is to ensure completion of the first businessmen to kill the Goblin domineering aggressively. Ye did not object to repair, Goblin businessman he is also a demand side, originally expected by the market, there are ready-made course to miss the opportunity. Umbrella to raise thousands of machines, to the scope is too broad, his eyes look now 21, and thousands of machines umbrella has not fully rise to 15, thanks to this silver weapons, or a bit behind the times. Domineering aggressively fast response, Blue Stream Court, a bit slower here, then, from the Blue River, then repair can also see where he leaves the tangle, which leaves very understanding of repair. Unfortunately, at this time with feeling, the result is lost opportunitiUGGS Classic Talles. As for the cottage, there's no repair leaves a message, in the cottage's front man has not contacted him. Kill the Goblin merchants, but this BOSS random refresh, can not say a time. But for so many years how we used to face the back, anyway, why are doing this first, that the wild BOSS, can go to go. So this twelve one that everyone is still under organization with copies of repair received a pseudo-ginseng leaves a message, asking to not frost the forest. Gunmen kill brother of blood expert active call them and let a few people very excited, feel and master the relationship between brother and close a little, look to the twelve, the number of copies there, and quickly initiate contact. "Satisfactory it?" Ye repair question. "Poor ah, four short of one." Tianqi said. "Oh, I'll be right over." Ye said repair, a copy of the homework must be done daily, is the main source of experience and the economy. Even without the pseudo-ginseng, and others invited, leaf repair is certainly mixed wild team. And Ge Jige with this, at least when their needs can be met first pick, which is not easy. Jun Mo to laugh to frost the forest, the leaf cultivation is surprised to see the invasion of that rogue white buns. "How are you?" Ye Xiuqi strange, sweeping away the front, not in mid-sleep. Xiao Maohai still hate yourself? Xiu Ye do not know, he did not sleep in mid-friend. "I was me, along with several brother and studying more." Buns invasion is very modest. Ye know this guy, although repair is new is the glory, but the operation is very skilled. "That kid sleep in mid-day play day, and the next, and Shen Yu-sister said the night can not." Pseudo-ginseng explained. "Well, tomorrow I die." Twilight of deep regret saying. "Brother you master it?" Pseudo-ginseng leaves the opportunity to inquire about the repair work and rest, three days from this point of view is the daily overnight brother master. "I was haunted at night." Leaf repair answered with a smile. Then set up a team of five people began under the. Although this new invasion of white buns, but it is the highest level of five people, there are 23. We chatted a question, I discovered that this guy is too crazy to play with, to open a direct service is 24 hours that day did not rest the next day sleep at random will, then up the fight. Open service has 48 hours to spend eating and sleeping a total of 6 hours, 42 hours in the game, basic turns than the Great Society of the posts. Everyone while sadly, open strange leveling. Ye Xiu still sits central command, everything is going well. "After throwing sand is best not to immediately rush to attack the front, which is Daguai, better still, if the PK, experienced players will certainly be in a blind sweep the first time, or a similar display of controlled attacking front." Ye repair while still finding time to also pointing buns invasion.
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