Joint Opening Ceremony launched Visual Culture 2015 series sunglasses

April 13 [Mon], 2015, 11:29

Opening Ceremony is a famous clothing brand, is also a young man like a ripple trend shop, not only publish their own brands, but also to cooperate with some big brands fashion brand, introduce a lot of new product series. Physical time is relatively recent, and in 2002 in the United States was founded, but their personality style is much appreciated in fashion, type calcium-containing a very wide range of products, apparel, and accessories, and stationery.

The well-known brands with Hong Kong Visual Culture to launch 2014 sunglasses series is also very likable. This series of sunglasses has two paragraphs, a silver sunglasses and a brown. Both silver and Brown, all we all prefer the color type. And fold both color and its designs are also better integration, better understand its temperament characteristics of modern and antique style silver full of purity and Brown is showing characteristics of the atmosphere.

This series Sun mirror used metal framework as frames, has chilled of gloss sense, glasses after polished processing, to old texture build out wear texture, performance out has must of antique sense, mirror leg ends is is used transparent color of decorative sets, revealed out thick of modern sense, and antique sense of old texture form relative than and and phase fusion, interpretation out classical and modern of beauty.

Medium box-shape design, slightly rounded line design, delicate and full of metal gloss, with the worn texture design, with modern and antique style flavour. The bold design and under the frame at the upper part of the fine line designs, like the half-frame glasses, very modern fan. Soft nose pads can provide wearing comfort.