GHD Hair Straightener hide

December 28 [Fri], 2012, 11:07
These things, Yang Zhao, two people have heard about it. Yang Shaojie said: however, this guy Li Baishan is cunning, in Hongkong and has a deep influence, GHD Hair Straightener hide, we are hard to find. I have sent the following brother to find the whereabouts of xin, however, I have no clue. Ha ha! xin hiss a loud, said: run a monk, but the temple can't run! xin can hide, but xin family hide up. I have to let the Japanese members to help catch the xin family, even if the xin hide again deep, we can also use it to put xin out, except, xin the family life to pay no heed. Yang Shaojie and Zhao Hu heard, is a big surprise, surprise my brother was kidnapped Li Baishan family. xin continued: this time, I will find you, let you two send a message, if Li Baishan want family live, come out to see me quickly, my patience is limited if, after three days I could not see xin figure, let xin ready for the family up!

Yang Shaojie was stunned for a moment, and then recovered, nods hastily said: OK, no, after a while I go back, let the brother in the way to send a message, as long as Li Baishan is still in Hongkong, I can hear the wind. GHD Australia nodded, said good, and said: little Jie, Zhao, you are back now to prepare, don't delay too long. Yes, no! Yang Shaojie and Zhao Hu both say, got up quickly and went out, before going out, and Yang Shaojie stood shape, back text: my brother, you are really caught Li Baishan's family, or frighten xin? In the xin want to come, ask Japan Hongmen help management is not so easy. Oh! xin laughed lightly, lightly said: Japan Hongmen boss, Li Wei, is still not bad. At least for now!

Oh, I see. Yang Shaojie said to understand, but is actually not too to understand the Planchas GHD at of the meaning of words, but it seems certain, that Li Baishan's family is caught. If so, things will be much easier to handle, so a trump card in the hands of Li Baishan, not afraid not to heel. Come to think of it, Yang Shaojie laughed too, if my brother really put Li Baishan to kill, the freemason in Hongkong was completely out. Out of the headquarters, Zhao Huchang tone, pulled Yang Shaojie said: my brother is poisonous, should seize the Li Baishan family against xin! Yang Shaojie white xin once, exclaimed: you when we are? You think we're doing? We mix is the underworld, not in play, you means not vicious, they will be cruel means to deal with you, in the tertiary, circular sliding mean enough.?