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July 28 [Mon], 2014, 10:56
Liang Chenglong suddenly cheap swimwear online think: "I think of it, you work in my site, two days ago with workers rioted, come to me to discuss salary Is it right? You?" Zhou Shanhu's face turned red, after all he had not seen much of the cheap swimwear online market, I do not know what to say. Liang Chenglong smiled and said: "I think the show how to help the living wages so hard, he is your brother." Liang Chenglong smiled and said: "I think the show how to help the living wages so hard, he is your cheap swimwear online brother." Zhang Yangdao: "his name is Zhou Shanhu, we all call him Huzi, since he is not in your site, I let him go to the sports car." Liang Chenglong said: "to hire ah, publicity not enough meaning!" Of course, he is just a joke. Zhang Yangdao: "I is a government

department, you are private enterprises, compared with us, you are not guaranteed." Liang Chenglong said: "don't take cheap swimwear online this, look down on our private enterprises!" When his phone rang again, Liang Chenglong picked up the phone and said the two, hang up, to Zhang Yangdao: "I have to go, my uncle this ill a few days, I have to go back to have a look." Zhang Yangdao: "you were sickYou give the gas disease!" Zhang Yangxin said I should worry? But I can live without saying, say this kind of words hurt feelings between friends, he pondered over ten * * May and American delegation about things, but it should not blame myself, Americans did not choose the Dongjiang, if Liang Tianzheng because this matter cheap swimwear online disease, heart Is it right? Too narrow? Liang Tianzheng was ill, the first is the niece Liang Xiaoou cry from Jin Wan back to he complained a lot, a few days later came the New York has decided to and Nancy friendly city, even hoped great Yingde's mainland companies to build program, has the Dongjiang to out in the second round trips, after a few things make Liang Tianzheng very angry, plus accidentally caught a cold so he fell ill, Liang Tian is at home after hanging up water, niece Liang Xiaoou day in his home, Liang Xiaoou also guessed