The following cases are even more extraordinary.

May 09 [Wed], 2012, 10:56
By the work of the spirit, can be explained the peculiar death of Pope Clement and Philip the Fair, who were summoned, one in forty days, and the other in one year, the Court of Heaven, by the Grand Master of the heels with red bottoms Templars.

People who have been bitten by dogs, they assumed were suffering from hydrophobia, have imagined themselves to be threatened or attacked by the disease cheap red bottom shoes. A very singular fact of this kind are recorded in a memoir published by the Royal Society of Sciences, Montpelher, 1790. Two brothers have been bitten by a rabid dog. One of them almost immediately left for Holland, and not return until years after tea. On learning that his brother died of rabies bad, he was himself ill and died of insanity, produced by fear.

The following cases are even more extraordinary. A French peasant dreamed that he had been bitten by a big black dog. He could not show a mark of the bite, and bis wife, who was awakened by her cries, assured him that the doors were secured, and that a dog could not ha 'e went into their house. But all his efforts to eliminate the feeling of the mind of man were useless.

The idea of ​​the black dog was always present in his imagination, and thought he saw constantly. He lost his appetite and his rest, and became dark and lowspirited. The woman what are red bottom shoes, who had been perfectly rational at the beginning of the illusion of her husband, and had made every effort to banish from his mind, at length began to persuade himself that it was not without foundation, and that, as she slept by her side when the dog bit him, it was very possible that even Hod was bitten. This mental illusion has developed in her by the same symptoms that had manifested themselves in her future husband to know. depression of spirits, lassitude, fear, and restlessness.

The doctor, noting that all the usual resources of medicine proved in this case, inefficient, advised them to make a pilgrimage to St. Hubert. From that moment, the two patients became more trinquil. They went to St. Hubert, It were opposed to the usual treatment, and went home completely cured. A dream, an absurd dream, had done the mischief on the health of two previously strong and healthy.
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