Loooooong time no see! 

2006年11月22日(水) 17時58分

So long vacation I got!
It was so great but, I enjoyed english a little bit...

Well, I stand up again! I am trying study it again!!

My aim is big
Never give up!!!

the most difficult 

2006年07月17日(月) 14時38分
it has gone only seven days since i started to keep English diary.
during the days, some articles were written.
however, it took long time to write each article.
it is my embarrusment, but i hope it is getting shorter day by day.

well, i've rent 2 CDs at TSUTAYA.
i've never listen them, yet.
the listening time will come soon.
uhmm! i'm looking forward it!!

Good Morning! 

2006年07月16日(日) 9時51分
Well,,,, yesterday, it was tooooooooo hot

I was sicked in bed by heat.

However, sweaty is good
I can enjoy sports in the Summer!!
I will try swimming and running in this summer.
And I will also try to climb Mt.Fuji at this August /w my friends
I have to become tough girl much more!!!

Hoo, too hoth


2006年07月14日(金) 15時15分
what a wonderfulday!!!

please help me
how is the picture updated??

Are you hangry? 

2006年07月14日(金) 2時42分
If I am asked the question now, I will embarassing maybe.

Actually, I'm hungry, but I feel strenge at my stomaq a little bit.

Ummm...I wanna drink something..

my friends☆ 

2006年07月04日(火) 20時06分
In this morning, i met a friend.
we have known since we went to kindergarden.
She is taller than me (i am 165 cm long),
and has smaller face (it means i have big face also).
In other words, she is good looking girl!!!
we could only 2 hours but really enjoyed(´ω`)

By the way, i spend much time in labotory these days.
However, my tasks are not thrown rapidly.
therefore, i will make an item tomorrow( ̄∀+ ̄)
i am looking forward that♪

The end of dream, the start of dream. 

2006年07月04日(火) 6時40分
Yesterday, Hide NAKATA decided to retire professional soccer player.

It looks the news amazed many people, I did not so because I has been thought before beginning of world cup. And I do not like him so much...

Anyway, however, this world cup was the first game for me to watching all the time and enjoyed as the soccer match. And I thought he is very cool player, I got to be similar with him at the first time. In that sence, this news sound very poor.

Nevertheless, this is the startline for him to go up the step of new dream.
I'm really looking forward his new task dicided himself.
I hope he will give good effect and dream for people in Japan through his life.

At last... 

2006年07月01日(土) 19時12分
I am keeping my diary IN ENGLISH at last.


I'm nervous, a little becouse I do not have aplomb to keep this for a long time.
Already, I've finished to make new article another my blog.

Nevertheless, I have a dream, so big dream for me just now.
So I start this new blog@yaplog.

I'm thinking when I will tell about what this is to my friend.

OK, never mind
See you romorrow
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