Suddenly I was wondering

September 28 [Sat], 2013, 10:51
Remember the first game, when Kobe Bryant, Ivey called him our great Kobe. He is our favorite, big brother, fins to make huge contributions. At that time against the Spurs, and throughout my career as a football man, TD. He inside by a shark child abuse child abuse. Unfortunately, 4:0 wave swept through. Suddenly I was wondering, you silly when the sharks play cool? Now no one told you about this old young Center, mix cool at the center position? Then, allow me to mention Kobe the disgraceful things that year, when Bryant is known everywhere, but unfortunately, he's into a lot of nike free 3.0 v5 mens trouble--the Eagle County events. Although bought 70W bucks ring for wife, but at the police station, he said some things I shouldn't have said led to the clearance of huge OK (don't ask me how I know, I was reading a magazine, said. ) Then 04 × established, Malone, Payton, sharks, Kobe Bryant. And then you know how Malone retired? Lace news search.

04, to tell you the truth, there's something I don't know still remembers not? We thought the national team the top 8 don't stand a chance, the results miraculous win Montenegro. Remember before the Olympic Games, Yao said if no top eight, I don't shave.05 Spurs win, 07 Spurs win opening the legendary magical journey for the title in odd-numbered years. (Some spectacular things I can't remember, don't tell me what to say, welcome to add. I jump over 08 years, wonderful)Biting of the lips could not bear to see Su Qun teacher pain, could not bear to see our "Zhen Cheng" goodwill and helpless to introduce tomorrow's broadcast schedule, routine conducted post-match interviews cannot nike free 4.0 v3 womens be arranged, at this very moment, believe all the basketball people and fans are full of indignation, speechless ... ... I strongly down the impulse to smash TV, give me a call from small and golfing buddy of the meet for a drink, holding a cold beer, I couldn't swallow, still trembling with anger, desperate to express it, but I know that in a society of rule of law able to vent, to anger translated into text with blood as the eternal memory.

08, officially open the BIG3 mode, and then pierce the epic trip to finals, returned with FMVP. Rockets started an epic 22-game crazy trip. (Remember April madness of the NCAA, but the stadium is still an audience full of rocket). And then Bryant with small sharks near the playoffs, the result? Result has been battered by Pierce these old bandits.
09, our China-Houston rockets in dayao crossed that old enemy, led by JAZZ, that year's champion into a tie. That year, Shou Shou's fire, and Turkey fire. 78:96, Chinese men's basketball team at the Asian Championships ripped the last panties, naked show fans across the country, a closer look should have a Boner the Majesty of limp, huddled in the dark zone. Starting from the second Asian Championship started day dreaming of Chinese men's basketball team wore "the Emperor's new clothes" for us poor fans with a gesture of joy. Again and again, apart from gorgeous coat ripped off every day, we have seen is the gradual decline of the Chinese men's basketball team.
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