so early commanded all the factory workers

January 12 [Sat], 2013, 18:17
Huimin thousand square office building is newly constructed, nice to see here in the office environment, outside plant new and old, Ling Xuan also turn around staff dormitory, it is not very satisfied. Ling Xuan said: "ten people live in a dorm, you do not feel too crowded?" Xu Xin Road: "Ling total dormitory built a dozen years ago, and edited into staff quarters mostly live living area, side ten people live in a dormitory just temporary quarters ... "Ling Xuan seem not very grass satisfactory Road:" temporary workers should live where? built a modern residential buildings not spend some money may have been spent not to half of the office building of the money, why not do it? "Xu Xin immediately stunned, then, in fact, is not she does not want to give employees built, but rich imperial period Chengkui always been like this deduction treatment of employees, where she knew Ling Xuan working style exactly Chengkui. Lu Guangsheng stand up on behalf of Xu Xin explained: "Ling always, in fact, this no wonder Xu total, before Fu Huang management, has not been the intention of the employee benefits." Ling Xuan said: "Guangsheng, I did not blame my just think, enterprises to become bigger and stronger, we must care about everyone of the 21st century, what is the most valuable? talents do not underestimate these temporary workers, they still continued to work to get so little wages, it has been great why we do not give them a good environment to live, "Lu Guangsheng said:" I immediately went to work to improve the problem of staff quarters. "Ling Xuan said:" Not only here, as well as the rest of us under the company's employees accommodation issues should be considered. "Xu Xin Ling Xuan blame, but to hear his proposal, the entire people warm, feel caught in a wise leadership. So could not help but ask: "Ling total, you see we is not to replace the name of the pharmaceutical factory, since we are one of the Sunshine Group, simply put Huimin thousand square into a sun thousand square Pharmaceutical Factory? "Lu Guangsheng nodded and said:" I have such thoughts, the future of its companies are named in the sun ...... "Ling Xuan immediately shook his head and said:" I see Huimin and very good, no need to change. Professor Xu you say pharmaceutical factory plan this year. "Xu Xin Yi Leng, said:" plan?! I ... I have nothing prepared. "Ling Xuan said:" You simply say something completed this year, how much performance. "Xu Xin Road : "According to last year's performance, my work plan completed this year is over fifty percent of last year. profits probably about twenty million." Ling Xuan shook his head, said: "too little. sunshine pharmacy chain there are two hospitals in these year down can be made on behalf of pharmaceutical plants hundreds of millions of sales. "Xu Xin pragmatic said:" Ling total, in fact, our drug or sold to the national market, the province only our sun pharmacies and hospitals only to our full-year sales of 10 percent, 20 percent, our performance last year, double this year, 50 percent can do, and I feel that they have little difficulty . "Ling Xuan said:" I very much appreciate your realistic attitude, not exaggerated, nor greatness and success. hoped Taobao Taobao Taobao Women 2012 mall ladies spring dress women summer new Taobao summer new skirt women summer new skirt Taobao Taobao Women shopping mall Taobao Women winter new Taobao Taobao Women winter Down the Lynx Mall Taobao the Lynx Mall Taobao Women Autumn shopping Taobao Women winter new Taobao Women winter models you can continue to maintain this work attitude but you still obvious lack of confidence, I'll give you specify a road. Xu Xin a delighted and said: "Ling total, you say." Ling Xuan said: "Tongrentang we all know it, but his success know how much? "Xu Xin said:" brand core competitiveness? "Ling Xuan shook his head and said:" our pharmaceutical factory is not producing the kind of scarce and essential drugs, because we do not have their own large research team, which determines our can only take the health care market we're selling drugs, the most expensive is not a hundred dollars, cheap are twelve drug you see Andrographis, the Qing the fire piece there Banlangen this is twelve money things, these things in the pharmacy impossible to earn a lot of profits, so we have to change our thinking, Professor Xu you know beauty salons are selling what health care products? "Xu Xin Road:" Some of the weight loss and liquid calcium like the it, there are some anti-aging skin care products. "Ling Xuan said:" Yes, but you did not know that their price is how much? "SdxSw.cOm Xu Xin said:" a little more expensive than similar products on the market! "Ling Xuan shook his head and said:" I'll tell you, the market prices tenfold or even a hundredfold the same things to lose weight, dozens of blocks in the pharmacy, to the beauty salon can be sold for a thousand dollars, so we Pharmaceutical Factory will need to think of ways to make efforts in this regard. "Xu Xin nodded and said:" In fact, several years ago I had this idea, but one does not know what kind of product, and did not get through to the tips of the market, there is no communicated with a beauty salon, and the third is a beauty salon is uneven, we are difficult to distinguish. "Ling Xuan said:" The problem is you can go to ask the chairman of the fiber surplus beauty chain MULTIPURPOSE UTILIZATION fiber surplus beauty institutions has industry under our Sunshine Group, believe she can help you busy. "Xu Xin said:" This was very good. "Ling Xuan said:" Ru Lin, you arrange to see the total yellow when you are free, let her Xu of touch nod instead of Xu Xin said: "You with yellow total meet after, to discuss a program, including the production of what products, how to sell, pricing, etc., and I look over, you will make great efforts to do." Xu Xin nodded, said: "Ling total, you really us Kuhai beacon." Ling Xuan smile said: "You do not give me that as with Jesus savior, I'm not a big God as long as you do not mind scolded me mess command, I Amitabha. "Xu Xin smile and said:" Ling total, you kidding, we really need your advice. "Ling Xuan said:" Well, these kind words do not say I see today here, you are busy, and we have to go back. "Xu Xin:" Ling total, I have let pharmaceutical plant a collection of all the staff at the ballpark, you ... you go to say a few words if you ... happy I so good at making the proposition, I am willing to be punished. employees stood outside, you see ... "she began to think that Ling Xuan will like the limelight, like Chengkui swing scene, so early commanded all the factory workers in the stadium collection Canada Goose Calgary Jacket. Who knows that after talking to Ling Xuan is a pragmatic person, but the staff at this time a collection, we can not let disbanded. Please Ling Xuan had to bite the bullet and went out to speak to. Lu Guangsheng know Xu Xin difficult so: "Ling total, you reveal a face of it, whatever the outcome, to come." Ling Xuan said: "This even after I tell, do not be a decision without authorization." "I know, Ling total your way, please." said Xu Xin is pleased the heart of a large stone finally fell down. Ling Xuan follow Xu Xin go to the playground, Xu Xin simple Ling Xuan, Ling Xuan before a grand debut Canada Goose Victoria Parka. Ling Xuan's words are very simple, just told three points, first, thank you for the contribution of the enterprise, to alterations dormitories to double this year. Is less than ten minutes, the speech ended. The Huimin thousand square Pharmaceutical Factory staff listened to, feel that the new CEOs really burst long applause, it was returned to their factory work. Ling Xuan they followed and immediately rushed to a factory, black five food processing plant, this factory is located in the Industrial Park of the city economic open zones, are brand new plant to the dormitory, are modern brand new building. This factory, or a city's standard model factory, city leaders often with superiors or foreign guests to observe can only say that is an image of the project. But still will not loss, the total annual profit of millions, but compared to to start eighty million investment, it is estimated that no more than two decades not justify the cost. At this point, the the sun black five food processing plants vase decoration, an absolute face-saving projects. The black five food processing plant staff quarters can be seen, is a four-person apartment living quarters, compared to the pharmaceutical factory staff quarters do not know how many times. The the black five food factory director is also a very slick middle-aged man, very flattering and enshrine a person, if not a little homemade resistant, will soon feel the fluttering God. Just Ling Xuan is not buying it Canada Goose Expedition Parka Sale, so that the director flattering quickly photographed the horses legs. Ling Xuan leave the black five food processing plants on Zheng Rulin said the first sentence: "immediately identify a plant manager, then the director to withdraw, I do not need to only flattering when the plant manager of the enterprise. "Yes." Zheng Rulin the outset feel free Bi Qinpei Ling Xuan, Is he a man born career? Anyway, looked at Ling Xuan, the entire people have a kind of comfortable feeling. "Ling total, the next stop we go?" Zheng Rulin asked. Ling Xuan smile and said: "You said" at this time, Zheng Rulin's cell phone rang, she picked up the phone to answer. After answer, Ling Xuan said: Ling Ding Jie just a phone call, said Procuratorate someone over weeks, the sum total Lu go back and investigate. "Ling Xuan surprised, said:" What is it about the case ? "Zheng Rulin said:" It seems that the case Chengkui bribing officials. "Ling Xuan said:" Su Nan how to say? "Zheng Rulin:" Su lawyers want to explain some things, you see that we want to go back to the weekly sum of Lu total ? "Ling Xuan said:" Let Su Nan to Guang Sheng and Ya Qing confessed on the phone, we'll go back. "to download the latest TXT novel" good. "nod Zheng Rulin, immediately give Sunan phone. Ling Xuan deep breath, I thought some of the things still to come, I hope this thing over, there will be no trouble. Of course, this is just Ling Xuan idea Bale. PS: (),.
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