Nyaa Nyaa 

June 03 [Tue], 2008, 23:56
Hey Ho I don't have to sing~ We look a film together with the other class

Now a few pictures I make the last time (^___~)

My Cat sleeps on my PS2 in my cupboard.. she´s so baka XD

I bought a jacket with strawberries

And a friend draw me this picture . . . bad quality I know... but its very cute *^^*

And I coloured this 'scribble' from her for her XD Also bad quality but I have no time to scan it... >_<

I found a really cute and funny Guren review of Ruki and Uruha XD
I love Ruki's cap and laugh *___*

The first link is the video where he laughs and the second one is a video where both take photos from each other~

First http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-futIDS3khw&feature=related

Second http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZo3F7CEvnI&feature=related

Have Fun ^__~
See ya~~

HEAT x___x 

June 03 [Tue], 2008, 2:04
Hot... too hoooot... x___x
I must run to the train and almost I colapsed... XD"
And I have schoolend at 4:00PM ... (>_<)

Now I must lean for music.. She's the one - Robbie Williams... baaah.. I dont wanna sing this shit XD''''

And tomorrow we must have to do a exercise and I get a mark for this.

Now to the nyappy things of the day~
I eat cotton candy and crepes, nyaa so yummy

A friend and me want to visit the Animagic in Bonn. But its too expensive and now we must hope that we get a "free trip" to Bonn .__.
Because actually the trip costs over 200€ and thats toooo much o__O
I want to go to the hairdresser and if I go to the Animagic I dont have enough money for this . . . nyaaa~

Aaaand I want this contact lens . . .

But I'm afraid to put this stuff on my eye XD''
And I want so much in the last time (;__;)
I want new hair, new clothes ... I need money u.u

Hach~ Okay, I must sing... eh learn.. bah >.< Wish me luck ... puha my retard english ..

See ya

Children´s Day 

June 02 [Mon], 2008, 4:55
Yeah~ My first entry

Special Thanks to Yomi xD

Today is Children´s Day and my parents surprised me with a boat trip ^^
The weather was wonderful. Sun, sun, sun~
But . . . I'm asleep and the sun has burn my face exactly in the middle... now I looks like the phantom of opera or Yin and Yang (>_<)
Embarrassing . . .

Besides I get Death Note 1, money and chocolate

Yay~ I'm so childish xD"

And now I go sleep. Tomorrow is school . . .
And my alarm clock rings at 5:45 AM -__-

Nyoo~ Good Night!
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