The best way to Select Work Wear In accordance with Jobs

February 28 [Fri], 2014, 14:55
Work wear is a kind of clothing mainly to meet the need of the production work, and it is usually designed from the aspects of occupational characteristics, corporate culture, gender differences in body. Practitioners in the selection of clothes, they should select their work wear according to their personal preference, color, fabric, and style. Today we will focus on the selection of work wear for different occupations. Nowadays, work wear manufacturer provides customers with different work wear. Different occupation requires different work wear.

Reasonable work wear will help people to regulate body temperature, protect the skin in order to achieve waterproof, fireproof, heat radiation, anti-virus, anti-animal bites and other purposes. Reasonableness of clothing and work wear are directly related to human health. So what kind of uniforms should people wear in different occupations?

workers or laboratory personnel engaged in chemical production plant containing corrosive substances, laboratory work, in addition to wearing a more solid tight sleeve dress, they should also wear rubber apron, rubber boots, gloves, rubber boots, and overshoes. They should also wear a helmet that can be isolated from the outside rubber work clothes when necessary.

Agricultural production workers for general outdoor work, they can use the general light-colored denim or khaki work wear. Forest workers wear three tight clothes, and the collar, cuffs, and the ankle should be tightened to prevent pest’s invasion.
Kitchen staff and food workers should wear the white uniform whose back with the buckle. Overalls require long enough to cover knees, and wearing hats, masks, cuffs to enhance cleanliness and to prevent food contamination.

Mechanical workers are often travelling between the machine, and they need to avoid clothes being wrapped or twisted by the machine. The uniform should be anti-rubbing. Therefore, the work wear should be tight. The hem, cuffs, trouser legs can all be deducted up, and fabric requires more solid and darker color.
The most suitable work wear for office personnel are: skirt suits, trousers or skirts with blouses. Color of the clothing should not be too brilliant in the office, and the best uniform color are: gray, medium blue, navy, camel yellow, black, iron gray, dark brown, gray brown, dark yellow, dark red, brown and white. In addition to a reasonable mix of work wear, the cleaning and maintenance work should be paid attention to so as not to affect the normal wear personal image.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, when we choose our work wear, we should choose good garment brands or good garment manufacturers China if we want to buy in bulk. In the market, good quality and bad quality uniform are mixed. Good quality ones can guarantee the wearing safety and protect our body. More details below:
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