New Puppy 

2006年04月11日(火) 14時06分
I haven't written since January. I am so tired. I will need to go to sleep soon. I got a little puppy which was a gift from a classmate. She is a Lab/Chow/German Shepard mix. I love her to bits and peices! I call her Katie. I had an interesting talk with my friend, Becca today.I showed her one of my more recent pictures, and this was the outcome:

Sexxay: You like my pet?
Sexxay: Her name is Penelope.
Sexxay: My grandmother's dog, hence the get up
DarkLight666: Why is she glaring at me?
DarkLight666: Wtf
DarkLight666: I'm the one that gets beaten
Sexxay: She probably thinks your staring at my breasts.
DarkLight666: And SHE glares at ME?
DarkLight666: ...
DarkLight666: Smart dog

It was a funny conversation. It made me laugh.
My picture can be found here:

Good Evening! 

2006年01月28日(土) 15時42分
Funny thing. My name is Marlene and I am 22 years old. I have just recently gotten engaged this past Christmas. I am American but soon I will become a citazen of Canada as my husband is Canadian. Why does an American have a Japanese blog you ask? Merely curriousity and amusement on my part. I have no idea what most of the features here do and this is a test entry, but I will update here more if I like it!
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